MIS Monday Message

Sept. 19-23

Why PLC's?

I bet some of you have been wondering why we've placed such a big focus this year on developing our PLC's. I've included a Powerpoint below that was sent out this week from ADE on why they are so important. Please take some time to review this so you'll have a deeper understanding of why we are working so hard to fully implement them. This will also help you understand what our goal is and the direction Rachel is leading you during your PLC.

Here are a few reminders about this week:

  • We have a PTO meeting tomorrow night at 5:30 in the library. The PTO has asked if some of our teachers could please come to the meeting so they can get input from you. Will you work with your grade level or team and see if at least one of you can come each time they meet? If you take turns, then everyone would only need to do it once this year. It really makes a difference to parents and students when you get involved in the PTO. I plan on being there, too.

  • Friday's theme will be blue and white Billie day (again). The Billies have an away game this week.

  • PGP meetings will be scheduled for this week and next week. Let me know if you have questions or need help getting into Bloomboard.

  • We will have a lockdown drill on Monday at 1:25. This is only a lockdown and NOT an active shooter drill. We will NOT be using the panic button system because it's not yet updated. Please make sure the door is locked, blinds are drawn, lights are out, and students move away from the door and windows and silent. Remain in position until someone unlocks your door. If you hear us announce "all clear," DO NOT unlock your door. That means we're tricking you to see if you know the procedure.

Let's have a great week!

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Blake's Blurb

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This week at MIS

Monday, 9/19

  • Lockdown drill, 1:25 pm
  • PTO Meeting, 5:30, MIS Library

Tuesday, 9/20

  • PAYDAY!! :)
  • No After school due to Fair parade

Wednesday, 9/21

  • GT Identification Committee meeting, 12 - 3

Thursday, 9/22

  • Julie out for Libby's dental procedure

Friday, 9/23

  • Blue/white theme


September 26 - ACH Dental Clinic (3rd grade only)

September 27 - Principal meeting @ Co-op (Blake and Julie out)

September 30 - Character Assembly @ MMS, 8:30 am; Field Day

October 3 - Fundraiser begins

October 4 and 5 - Third grade field trips to Toltec Mounds

October 5 - Staff meeting

October 10 - Columbus Day holiday (no school)

October 11 - Fall Pictures

October 12 - Grades cut off for report cards

October 14 - End of first nine weeks