Roger Sperry

Splittin' Brains Since 1960

What was this guy even famous for?

He discovered that human beings have two sides of their brain and that the human brain has specialized functions on the right and left hemispheres. The two sides can operate practically independently.

How did his research effect the field of psychology?

He performed an experiment on an epileptic patient which led to more knowledge on brain development.

How did his research change our understanding of how people act/think?

He discovered that the left side of the brain controls theoretical thinking (math and science) and the right side controls visual construction (creativity).

How did the Time Period that he Lived in Effect his Research and how his Research was Received?

Roger was recognized for his discovery by being rewarded the Nobel Prize in 1981. If he had not made the discovery of the brain hemispheres, people might still think that the brain is one organ instead of two halves.

Split Brain Theory Video

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Split Brain Theory