A Six Flags in Denver, CO?

Alexandra Anderson

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Why should we have a Six Flags in Denver? I will tell you why, Denver has something for EVERYONE! You can choose from many activities, hiking,skiing, bicycling, climbing mountains, white water rafting, etc. All while doing so, you and your family can soak up the sun and the view of the mountains. And what is better imagine watching the view from the top of a roller coaster!
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A little bit of History about Denver.

Denver is the capitol of Colorado located in the South Platte River just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Denver was founded in November 22nd 1858. It was popular back in the day as being a gold mining town. But as it did everywhere the gold quickly went away. It grew pretty rapidly. In Colorado is where the largest flat top mountain is located. Denver is known for its beautiful views and mountains.
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Top 10 reasons why we should have a six flags!

  • Beautiful views of the mountains

  • Weather is nice during spring,summer, and fall.

  • Many historical land sites to visit during a trip.

  • Restaurants all over Denver, good for a family dinner after a trip to Six Flags

  • Hiking, skiing, and other activities to do

  • Home of the Denver Broncos

  • Over half a million people in denver to help support bringing in a six flags.

  • Welcome to many visitors, gets on average 16.4 million overnight visitors in 2015. Definitely a place to explore and do activities.

  • Enough open space to accommodate a six flags lot and for people to park.

  • Average income is over $64,000 a year, so it would be a wealthy area but still affordable for families traveling from around the state or others states.

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Demographics of Denver

Population : 554,636

Male: 280,207 - 50.52%

Female: 274,429 - 49.48%

Other attractions in Denver include:

Lakeside amusement park, Elitch gardens theme park, Glenwood caverns adventure park, Santa's workshop, heritage square, Elitch gardens, water world, buckskin joe, tiny town, Manhattan beach.

But in the city of Denver 3 amusement parks are located in a wide spread area.

Adding Six Flags could possibly bring the others out of business but it would bring in far more money. Or possibly combining them. Denver has a lot of open area and it fairly large. Beautiful views, it's a tourist place so not only could you go to Six Flags you can relax poolside at a hotel, go out for a nice dinner and talk


But a factor that can cause some problems, not just here but anywhere, the weather. Colorado has fairly decent weather. During the summer it is hot, sunny. The perfect time to go to Six Flags, the winters are cold but not many people will be going to Six Flags anywhere in cold weather. Six Flags and the weather in Denver mix well. Out of the four seasons you can visit comfortably 3 out of the four, winter can be a bit brutal.