Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4

Strategy Spotlight: Repeated Readings

Repeated reading is an evidenced-based strategy designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension. With all grades doing some kind of repeated readings using their Journey's main selection, I wanted to share the 11 alternatives to "Round Robin" reading below.

11 Alternatives to "Round Robin"/"Popcorn":

  1. Choral reading
  2. Partner reading
  3. PALS
  4. Silent reading
  5. Teacher Read Aloud
  6. Echo reading
  7. Shared reading/Modeling
  8. The Crazy Professor Reading Game
  9. Buddy reading
  10. Timed repeat readings
  11. FORI

This Week

  • Literacy meetings with Jon and Robyn Robins
  • Team planning meetings
  • Planned whole group core instruction lessons with a team of teachers
  • Gathered resources and creating lessons for teachers
  • Modeled lessons in classrooms
  • Gathered materials and resources for grade levels following our half day literacy meetings
  • Follow up meetings with teachers and teams after our half day literacy meetings
  • Created templates and lesson plans following requests that were made at our half day literacy meetings
  • Covered when we were short coverage

Next Week

  • Cover for teachers who are observing other teachers teach IRAs
  • Monday morning literacy meeting with Susan O'dell
  • Grade level and special ed. team meetings
  • Meeting with a teacher to work on RCD/Unit planning
  • NTC webinar
  • GWAEA LCI training on Tuesday (all day)
  • C4K Webinar
  • Full day literacy/blended team planning with 4th grade team on Thursday

How can I use the IC? - Observing Others Part 2

Hopefully everyone had a chance to read "Observing Others - Part 1" last week where I shared a real teacher's honest explanation as to why she always taught with her door closed and dreaded having others come in to observe her. I found myself relating to many of her comments and wonder how many others in our building have similar feelings.

The teacher went on to explain "Reasons Why we Need to See Each Other Teach":

Reason 1: Seeing others succeed

Reason 2: Seeing each other fail

Reason 3: The intangibles

Bonus: United Front

Several teachers have asked to observe others in recent weeks and have found it to be beneficial despite their initial hesitation to give it a try. Getting out of our rooms and observing others is one way we can continue to challenge ourselves and look for ways we can learn from those around us - there are great things going on in every room in our building! Please let me know if you would like me to cover your classroom so you can go observe someone else teach.

This was posted by Jennifer Gonzales (former middle school teacher) on her blog, Cult of Pedagogy, in 2013.