Say Good Bye to Hoover

By: Bonnie Steever

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Hoover is Not Reassuring Enough

Hoover keeps saying to the people to stay strong and it well be over soon but he does not show it. The people get worse and worse and he has not helped the problems. Why should the people believe what he is saying when all he had done is let people suffer. More and more people keep losing there jobs and homes, and Hoover would not give welfare or give government hand outs to help out at all.

Hoover is Cautious in fixing the Problems

Hoover believes the Government could play a limited role in helping to solve the problems and The government’s role was to facilitate cooperation between business & labor. He thinks that the people should succeed through their own efforts, and there should be no welfare or government handouts. Because of this many people are living in shantytowns also known as "hoover vile" ( its houses right out side of the city). He tried to get people jobs by building the hoover dam but there still was a lot of people jobless. He also lied to the people in the army and didn't give them there bonus. When they came to get there money Hoover said no, so they sat out side the white house and waited. Hoover felt "threaten" and had police kicked them out by force. This should the people Hoover is not good at fixing problems.

Thinks Government should intervene to help

The Government should help the people in need for jobs, food, and housing. Give them a bust to get back on there feet. Especially the farmers and people that served in the army. Because the farmers lost every thing because of the economy and the government wanting them to make so much for the war and out of no where they didn't need it anymore. The people that served in the army should get help because Hoover said they would get 500 dollars and ended up not giving it to them.

Direct Relief

Hoover didn't have the government take direct action to aid people in distress. Hoover way of handling the misfortune was to seek assistance from relatives, churches or private community agencies.Hoover direct relief was to form a federal agency to coordinate state and local volunteers.
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What should he have done?

Hoover should have re-opened up the banks and gave the people that served in the army their 500 dollars, or he should have at least tried to help or pay them. Hoover could have made more jobs for people like he did with the dam. He wanted to have less government involved but with that the people where left to just suffer and they had no way to change it because of the economy its self. Hoover needed to be more involved.