Cole Porter

Pianist, Songwriter (1891–1964)

Cole Porter's occupations

A talented composer and songwriter Cole Porter, born in Indiana in 1891. was a talented composer and songwriter, Porter made great music and lyrics which made Hollywoods hits with his great songs."I've Got You Under My Skin." was one of his great hits.

Cole Porter's Accomplishments

Cole Porter wrote "Let's Do It" others know it as "Let's Fall In Love" for Paris in the early 1900s (1928). The song was a great hit, and the beginning of a wonderful career that reached never seen new heights in the 1930s.

life in paris.

Porter moved to France the year after one of his songs wasnt successful. Cole porter living in France with World War I still in progress, senting home false news that he had joined the French side in the war. In 1919 Cole porter married Linda Lee Thomas a widowed socialite, which after he married her his live was full of traveling around in europe. Porter and his wife both lived in a house in paris for a while. he continued to create songs with some of them appearing in some London shows.

Facts about Cole Porter

Porter was in a riding accident In 1937 were his horse fell on top of him crushing both of his legs. Porter would have to go to 30 operations and years of pain. However he didn't quit what he loved to do he continued to work and produce memorable song. Years later Porter was hit by the death of his wife who died in 1954. Porter would soon have his right leg amputated In 1958, due to his horse riding accident. years later he stop writing songs because he was "half of man" shortly after that on October 15, 1964, in Santa Monica, California, Cole Porter passed away at the age of 73.