Perseverance and Stories To Tell

By: Matt Newman


Perseverance is a big word that is very hard to find. To truly persevere a person needs many different character traits that will eventually come into play with the many adversities that life gives different people. The people that did find perseverance are the stars and historic figures listed below.

Jackie The Great (Compare and Contrast)

Jackie Robinson was a bold and inspiring young athlete whose dream was to finally break the color line of baseball. Jackie was already a star athlete even before the whole color line thing. He was the first ever 4 letter man at UCLA, playing football, baseball, track, and basketball. Many people will say that nobody will ever be the athlete or person that Jackie Robinson was. He was the kind of person that knew how to handle racism and being picked on because that's how he grew up. Superstar athletes today don’t care about the game, all they care about is the money they get from the team and other companies that sponsor them and give them endorsements. Jackie was the person who cared about other people no matter the race. And no matter what happened to him, he persevered through it to become the person that everyone dreams of becoming.

Kid President Sequence

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Winston Churchill WWII (Description)

Winston Churchill is an inspiring, and courageous historical figure.He was born on November 30th 1874. His childhood.Throughout his life he has shown perseverance, leadership, and boldness.For example in London he he overcame the many attacks from the Nazis and managed to defeat them with a perseverance speech he gave to his army to motivate them. He also, like i said above, gave a speech before his soldiers went into battle telling them not to ever give up and to never surrender to the enemy, and that is exactly what they did. He gave that speech in 1940. His greatest accomplishment was as listed above, defeating the Nazis after their many attacks on England.During this time England thought that they were going to for sure lose to the Nazis because they couldn't handle the bombings. But Churchill knew that he would have to motivate his country and tell them that they could win.

Sandy road Cause and Effect

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Lady Jags (Problem Solution)

Not many people know about Carroll County Tennessee. If you you do, you are probably one of the people living there. Carroll County is home to the Carroll Academy Lady Jags basketball team. Carroll Academy is a school that catches those kids in life who have fallen through the cracks of society. For the kids whose parents abuse either drugs or alcohol, and the kids who abuse drugs and alcohol themselves. The basketball team is still continuing a 212 game losing streak and has only won 6 games in the last 14 years. Even though they lost so many times, the girls still think that they have mentally won every game that they play. They think that because of the life lessons the coaches give them, telling them to overcome all of the adversities they have gone through in life. To persevere above and beyond their abusive and addictive childhoods. That is why every single kid who comes out of Carroll Academy is a well rounded teen who respects everyone. Basketball at Carroll Academy was a class at the game of life taught by average men who are trying to make a difference in the lives of these teen girls.


People need to learn that perseverance isn't a gift it is an ability acquired by all. And the people above just use it in different ways that impact different people in our lives and their lives. The main message of this letter is to tell people that they need to persevere or else they aren't going to get far in life. Because life is full of adversities.