5th Grade Newsletter

February 24, 2017

Next Week's Curriculum

Math - Volume

Science -Food Webs

Reading - Text Feature Review

Writing - Persuasive Letter Writing

Social Studies -Important People and Events in the 20th Century

Growth and Development Video

March 3, 2017 Fifth grade students will be watching the growth and development video. Please read the permission slip that went home in Thursday folders for further information. Please sign and return the permission slip by March 2,2017.

Skating in PE

Beginning March 14, your child will be participating in an in-house skating program during his or her scheduled PE class. In order for your child to be able to participate, you need to sign and return the permission slip that went home in Thursday folders this week no later than MARCH 13th!

Toys in the Classroom

We continue to have an issue with fidgets/small toys coming into the classroom daily. Fidgets are little things to 'play' with during class intended to help kids pay attention. True fidgets http://amzn.to/2j0tvAF actually can help some children concentrate. The problem is way too many kids are bringing in "stuff" from home they are calling fidgets. This could be floam, slime, silly putty, key chains, Rubik's Cube, collection of cute erasers, those stacking pencils that have 10 pieces, or an impressive collection of mini hand sanitizers.

These fidget imposters are a huge distraction and are not allowed in the classroom. Please take a peek in your child's backpack to make sure they don't have these things. Real fidgets are still allowed for those kids that truly have attention issues, but they should not be passed around to others as one man's fidget is another man's distractor!

Practice STAAR Results

Students took the practice STAAR tests recently in Math and Reading. The teachers have been reviewing the students' tests and sent a reflection sheet home yesterday for you to see. Please take a few minutes to have your child review this with you and have them explain their areas of strength and areas of focus.

Counselor Corner

February guidance lessons will be about respecting differences. We must teach our students that different does not equal bad. For example, another student may bring a lunch to school that looks very different from your lunch. If you respect differences you could ask about it and be open to learning. Sometimes students are quick to say “What is that?...it looks weird.”

New PTA Website!

Smith PTA has a new website at www.smithpta.net Go check it out! It will let you know about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, programs, and so much more! There is also a link to our school directory! But, you will need a password to get into the directory. The password is "Soaring" and it is case sensitive. If you have any questions, you can email the PTA at noelasmithpta@gmail.com

Important Dates

February 27 - March 2 Book Fair

March 2 - 5:30 Family Night at the Book Fair

March 3- 2:00 5th grade Growth and Development Video

March 6-10 - Happy Spring Break!!!

March 14 - Spirit Night at PDQ

March 28- Math STAAR Test

March 29-Reading STAAR Test

April 11-5th Grade Play-Snow White

FISD Spirit Night with the Rough Riders

April 7th at 7:05 join FISD at Dr. Pepper Ballpark for a fun night of baseball. Tickets are only $15 each. Order yours now www.ridersbaseball.com/friscoisd

For more information, check out the flyer that went home in your child's Thursday folder.

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