and maybe even join a 'BLOG' club.... WHAT!


If teachers aren’t encouraged, and given the time, to be learners themselves, we are hardly supporting the worthwhile goal of schools being exemplary learning communities for all, or, for that matter, cultivating teaching staffs that can constantly model for kids what it means to be a lifelong learner. This is where blogs can be helpful...not only consuming them but creating them on our or with your students.

On another note, Mary Brown, Principal of Wittenberg, will be offering opportunities for teachers to meet their PGP goals via "blog clubs" where groups of "like" teachers read a common blog then meet to reflect & share and tweet about what they are learning that has led to changes in practice. HMM...#AWESOME right?!!

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A MOOC-Ed (MOOC for Educators) is a "massive open online course" designed specifically for professional learning. Each MOOC-Ed allows you to direct your own learning, engage your peers, learn from a variety of voices, and apply what you've learned immediately. Oh, and they're all free.