Oskar Shindler

Schindler's Jews

In 1939 Oskar Schindler was a money driven man who started a pots and pans business to make a profit off of the war. By 1944 Oskar Schindler had saved 1,200 Jewish people from concentration camps. Schindler had started his business in Poland hiring Jewish labor to ensure he would make a large profit. Throughout the war he became friends with several Nazis which helped him get away with his illegal actions. Schindler got his workers through several bribes and his friends. Although he was a poor business man and unfaithful to his wife, Schindler saved several Jewish people and spent every penny that he owned. He risked his own life and his comfort to do what everyone else said was wrong. Today Oskar Schindler is buried in Israel and was deemed righteous among nations.