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Congrats & Stats for February 2014

Hey ladies!

Have you checked out TOT ( lately? The "How to Market March" has great tools for you to book parties, recruit and monthly special fliers and video clips. Check it out.

Who knew we had cute printables for baby feet, pantry labels, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and more?! Go to for all the fun Thirty-One branded printables.

Want a bigger paycheck? The answer is filling your calendar with parties. From parties, recruits will come. Join me for a Facebook training tomorrow night, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. MDT (8:30 p.m. CST, 9:30 p.m. EST) to get the 411 on the 5-1-1 party. You should have the event in your Facebook Events. Click "JOIN" or "MAYBE" to see the posts. If you do NOT RSVP, you will not receive the information. I just sent the Facebook training event invite or click here to join.

Looking forward to seeing you online tomorrow night!

Your Proud Senior Director,


Welcome February New Consultants!

Katie Dineen

New York, sponsored by Michele Johnson

Stayica Mazyck

Colorado, sponsored by Mary Bakken

Abbey Harrison

Colorado, sponsored by Mary Bakken

New Consultants,

If you haven't schedule a new consultant orientation call with me, please do so ASAP. Email me a few dates and times you have available. Plan on 30-45 minutes. Thanks!

March Special

For every $35, get 1 of 4 totes for 50% OFF!

At full service checkout, remember to ask every guest about the special. If your guest spends $70, then she can get 2 totes for half off. If she spends $105, then 3 totes for half off.

Do you know your party average?

Just by creating a solution for your customer you can increase your party sales AND helps your Hostess with her Hostess Rewards by ADD-ON SALES.


A customer comes over for full service checkout. She has a Large Utility Tote on her wish list. I fill out the order form for the guest and hand out a blank sheet for a wish list while the guests are looking at the catalog. Here is the conversation:

Me: Is the Large Utility for you or a gift?

Customer: It's for me to take to the pool.

Me: This is the perfect bag for the pool. You'll be able to fit all your towels, sunscreen and snacks all in one tote. Great choice! With the Zipper Pouch, you can keep sunscreen and goggles separate and easy for your kids to grab. I also wanted to show you how the Picnic Thermal Tote fits easily in the Large Utility. You can put lunch, snacks and water bottles in here to keep cool while you have a fun day at the pool with your kids.

Customer: I like it fits all together. What colors does it come in?

Registration is OPEN!

Want to increase your business? Meet and connect with other consultants? Take training classes from the best of the best? National Conference is where it's at, ladies! Consultants who attend on average increase their business by 40%. Who wants a 40% raise?!

Consultants EAST of the Mississippi River will attend Columbus, Ohio from July 23-25. Consultants WEST of the Mississippi will attend Denver, Colorado conference from July 10-12.

Did you know you can earn conference bucks to lower the conference fee? Go to TOT for more details.

Conference Bucks Earners

Great job! These ladies have earned $$$ off conference registration!

4-Star: $100 off registration

8-star: $200 off registration + 8-star kit

Elizabeth Howerton - 4

Joelle Raper - 4

Rebecca Huft - 4

Melissa Stokes - 4

Maggie Ward - 4

Sharon Cefaratti - 6

Katie Dineen - 7 She's a new consultant!

Amy Pecora - 7

Michele Johnson - 7

Gretchen Schick - 8

Ready Set Sell Incentive

Book early April parties because you'll want the Ready Set Sell incentive that goes from April 1-15! I assume there will be two levels like December's RSS -- $500 and $1000 levels. The dates are set but I am guessing on the levels. Stay tuned for more details.

Top Consultants

Start Swell Earners

Congratulations! You earned FREE products and business supplies just by submitting $600 PV every 30 days. Way to go!

Tanya Prokop - Level 1

Katie Dineen - Level 1

Michele Johnson - All 4 Levels

Consultants in Start Swell, please make sure you know your due dates. Go to your home screen on the left hand and put those dates in your calendar.

Top 20% of Team Embrace

Gretchen Schick

Maggie Ward

Melissa Stokes

Sharon Cefaratti

Michele Johnson

Christi Trinder

Stephanie Rainey

Tanya Prokop

Angela Vogel

Top Parties

Maggie Ward - 3! Woot woot, Maggie!

Sharon Cefaratti - 2

Christi Trinder - 2

Michele Johnson - 2

Top Recruits

Sharing Thirty-One will reward you and others. Congratulations Missy!

Michele Johnson -1

High 5 to the Top 5 Consultants in Personal Volume

Maggie Ward $1630 - Fabulous February, Maggie!

Sharon Cefarrati $944

Michele Johnson $753

Christi Trinder $693

Stephanie Rainey $571

Top Directors

Top Director Parties

Gretchen Schick - 4! Awesome! These were all catalog/Facebook parties.

Melissa Stokes - 2

Joelle Raper - 1

Rebecca Huft - 1

Top Director Recruits

Mary Bakken - 2

Top Director Personal Volume

Gretchen Schick - $1924 Impressive catalog/Facebook parties! Fantastic February!

Melissa Stokes - $1018

Rebecca Huft - $423

Joelle Raper - $413

Top Director Team Sales

Gretchen Schick - $12,032 Team Schick rocks!

Rebecca Huft - $2466

Joelle Raper - $2431

Melissa Stokes - $2195

Congrats to Senior Consultants Christi Trinder with Team Sales of $3751 and Brittany Lee with Team Sales of $3281!

Team Embrace Stats

Number of Consultants: 78 (includes Melissa, Rebecca & Joelle's teams)

Team Sales: $19,172

Number of Parties: 44

Number of Recruits: 4

Your Director's Stats

These numbers are meant to impress upon you what Thirty-One could do for you, not to impress you.

February PV: $1156

Parties: 2

Recruits: 2

Team Sales: $19,172

Downline Sales: $29,280

Downline Consultants: 118

I would have made $289 as a Consultant, but because I chose leadership I made $1550.

Mary Bakken's 411

Office Hours:

Mon.- Thurs. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. MDT

Fridays, Evenings & Weekends by Appointment