Marching Storm Update

Edition #6, Saturday, May 6

Sweat Camp part 2

The Schedule for Sweat Camp (part 2) will be as follows:

Monday, June 8: 1-9p. Supper Break 5-6p. (Band Parent group to provide supper--no need to bring anything)

  • Segments of the show
  • Music and movement
  • Addressing problem spots

Tuesday, June 9: 1-9p. Supper Break 5-6p.

  • Layering of skills, refine and define all elements of show
  • Inclusion of all members into show runs
  • Hat rehearsal after supper

Wednesday, June 10: 1-9p. Supper Break (during picture time when you don't have pictures.

  • Cadence in and out of show
  • Final Transition practices
  • Full runs of show
  • Pictures (4:30-7:30 pm) Sectionals can happen when your sections pictures are finished)
  • Full runs of show with hats

End of Sweat Camp!!

Parade Schedule

If you missed the mailing, the parade schedule is detailed in Edition #5. Here is a link to that Marching Storm Update.

MSU Edition #5--Parade Information

Request for Assistance

The Marching Storm is basically a summer marching band. We are focused on performing music and visual movement on the street for summer parades. The art of marching has advanced since many of our parents may have participated in marching band in high school. Managing complex equipment needs, detailing uniforms, accessories, facilities, transportation and more all become integrated into the marching band program in the year 2015.

So, there are a few items that will help this year that we need to ask for parental help. Our uniform carts and instrument carts are rusty and needing to be sandblasted so they can be re-painted. Often, parents of the Marching Storm have connections that can help us be effective and efficient with the dollars that we need to spend. If you know someone or have the ability to do the sandblasting, please contact Mr. Campbell immediately.

Once the carts are sandblasted, we will need to paint them with rust resistant paint. If you have a paint shop that you know of that might be willing to help the Marching Storm keep their equipment in good condition, or if you are able to do it, again let Mr. Campbell know immediately.

If you have any alternate ways of helping us get the rust off of our carts, please help us get the job done. These are the carts that our new uniforms and equipment are transported on. Thanks for your ideas and assistance.


We are in need of any parents who enjoy photography to help us document our summer season. This includes parades, practices and events. If you are able to help take pictures at any practice or event, simply show up and Mr. Campbell will assist you in getting started!

Parent Preview

This event originated back in the early 2000's as a means to help the Marching Storm raise funds and support students. We have needed to adapt with the changes of what food we offer, but the purpose still true. We want students to feel supported, we want parents, family, friends to know that their funds allow the activity of marching band to continue to be strong for students.

The evening begins with our pizza meal and concludes with performances by the middle school Marching Storm and the high school Marching Storm. We will have spirit wear available to purchase so you can show your support for marchers in both bands during parades.

The date of this year's event is June 12. Serving begins at 5:00 pm and the performances begin at 7:00 pm. The form to order your pizza meal is below. And as always, check for options with spirit wear.

Parade attendance

We understand that parents can't attend every parade performance. We do ask you to try to be at as many as possible. We also ask that parents and family members who attend wear our signature "storm chasers" t-shirts. The visibility of our shirts and the cheers from you in the audience impact the students as they perform. If you want to witness an amazing level of sportsmanship, come to the awards ceremonies after our parades! All students from bands around MN show superior respect and appreciation of their fellow bands and marchers! It is fun to see students interact in such a classy manner while at the same time, giving their all during each performance!!

How do I volunteer to help?

Most items that we need volunteers to support our activity are posted on in the calendar. Simply go to the web site, enter by using our school code (srrhsmusic), and go to the public calendar icon (no need to log in). On the calendar, there is a helpful hand that is the indication that we need volunteers. This applies from chaperones to helping with odds and ends items. Visit and help if you can!
Picture Order Form (For Wed., June 10)

Please use this form to order your Marching Storm photos. Bring money at the time that you order. All checks go to Jen Thompson.

Preview night Pizza order form

Click here to download the form to order your pizza for our annual Parent Preview night!