ERES PROUD Headlines...

December 19, 2014

Few thoughts from the principal...

This past week the faculty and staff have had a fun week of celebrating "I BELIEVE"! They have worn bells around their necks, played games, received treats, and been given some time off that they don't normally have during the regular school week. It has been a true success for all. I chose this theme because it represents not only the season of the year but what we live each and every day we come to ERES. We BELIEVE each one of our students is a precious gift that deserves the very best. We BELIEVE we can take them to the next level of success and help them continue to become that person, who will always make us proud.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us and allowing us to touch a small part of their lives. As you begin this winter break, I pray you may be blessed with love for and from your family, compassion for and action towards the needy, courage to stand up for what's right, and unmatchable success in life and the ability to handle it.

Have a blessed holiday!

We'll see the students on January 6, 2015!

STAAR training for parents on January 8th

Do you have questions about the STAAR test? Are you curious to see what is expected of your child when he/she takes it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to come to our training on Thursday, January 8th @ 6:00. I encourage all parents to attend, so you can have a better understanding of what is expected of your child when he/she reaches 3rd and 4th grade. I know you will be amazed at what is expected. We hope to see you there!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 101 Dalmatians musical cast and teachers

What an incredible job by our students, Ms. Matherne, Mr. Baker, and Miss Z. If you missed seeing it, you missed a real treat. It was amazing to see the students' talent with as little time as they had to prepare for it. Watching their faces and seeing the fun and pride they felt brought us great joy. I look forward to next year's production.

Lost and Found items

Please come check the lost and found (cafeteria) for your child's lost items. We will take what's left to a shelter on January 16th. The students have gone by with their class to check this week.

Parent survey results...

Thank you so much to the parents who took the time to fill out our survey. We do have a desire to improve, and your help with this endeavor is appreciated. I would like to answer or comment on some of the comments mentioned in case others have the same questions or comments.

Dates of important events - Our school website is up to date with everything. We put all important dates on the campus calendar and upload all documents/handouts to the eTuesday folder.

Handouts with all ERE admin & teacher social media contact info. - ERES does have several social media accounts, and we share many different things on them. Please check the bottom of this newsletter for that information. It is the personal decision of KISD employees to share their personal social media contact information. Your child's teacher will let you know her/his preference.

How to be notified from ERE - We consistently use School Messenger for phone calls and emails to all families. If you change your email address, you must tell the school so you will continue to receive important information. Remember the district is trying to do paperless as much as possible so this is why it's so important.

If you signed up for Mrs. Seaberry's REMIND text message, you receive important texts from her. We all use email and the phone when necessary and appropriate.

A printout of what will be done each day. Example: Monday-review of week, Tuesday-rocket math, wed - spelling test. Etc. and when homework is due and how to turn it in. It is an expectation that all teachers send home a weekly newsletter with this information included in it. Please let Mrs. Seaberry know, if you do not receive one.

Ways to communicate with administrators that will warrant a response. A phone call or email should always work. Please let Mrs. Seaberry know if it continues to be a problem with her or Mr. Stamm. This is not acceptable for you or from either of us.

Individual learning - The teachers do the best they can at differentiating for each student.

A better understanding of where the student ranks in their class, grade, etc. the students are assessed and the results do not explain what areas require attention, if any. This is a conversation that needs to happen with the teacher. As far as ranking of students, we do not keep up with that information. I am sure the teacher has a class average on assignments. If there is a serious area that needs attention, the teacher will talk to you.

Include information on where suggestions can be given and addressed. Mrs. Seaberry always appreciates suggestions. Please feel free to offer them through email or a phone call to her. (817-744-6300)

Review drop off policies and tardy policy. Parents are not following the rules and I was confused about tardies. On our campus website, we have the drop-off and pick-up processes uploaded. We have tried to get parents to follow the processes, but we can't make them do them. I wish all would understand that our students would be safer and everyone would be done sooner, if they followed them.

A student is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the 8:00 AM bell rings. We average over 10% of our students tardy every day. That doesn't sound bad but when you realize that it is 80 students, that is a huge disruption for many. Please help us by getting your child to school on time!

Tardy to school

Because of the very high numbers of tardy students, I must remind you of the necessity of having your child(ren) to school on time. Not only are they missing our fun morning announcements; an opportunity to learn, but interrupting the learning of everyone else in his/her classroom. When your child walks in the classroom, the teacher must stop what she/he is doing to get him or her caught up. Please help us offer the best educational experience for all of our students by having your child arrive on time. Thank you!

The day we had the Hard Lockdown Drill, we only had 3 students tardy! You can do it! :-)

Friendly reminders...

  • Turning right out of the front parking lot at arrival and dismissal times - this helps empty the parking lots quicker.
  • Please respect the crossing guard and crossing zones by following the laws. These people are here to help keep our students safe.

Upcoming opportunities...

December 22 - January 5 - Winter Break

January 13 - Student Council dining night out @ Marco's Pizza 5-8 PM

January 15 - PTA meeting @ 6:30

January 19 - School holiday

January 23 - Early Release @ 12:00