Friday Newsletter

October 13-16, 2015

Language Arts

This week we continued to meet in guided reading groups! We also added buddy reading to our reading workshop. We practiced sitting and reading with a buddy, and how to share ideas about the books we are reading. Students used stickies to mark favorite parts, special words, and questions during independent reading, and then took those ideas to share with their partner during buddy reading time!


This week we started our science unit on solids and liquids. We began by discussing the properties of solids (flexible, soft, bumpy, long, thin, etc.) We learned the difference between opinion words and describing words so that we sound like real scientists! We will be investigating solids and liquids over the next couple of weeks, and we are really excited to do some neat experiments!

Character Counts Spirit Week: October 19-23rd

Next Week's Word Wall Words: or, by, one, had, because

Special Schedule Next Week

Monday: Technology

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Gym/Art

Friday: Technology