Drama Therapy

NADTA Student Newsletter

Hello! From the New Editor.

I love words. I especially love the written word. I love the possibility of them; the possibility for the creation of new worlds, new ways of being, new connections. But sometimes what I love the most about them is the ability to edit them. I like taking the time to play with how they are shaped, how they sound in my mouth when I read it out loud, what I imagine another's face might look like when they read the words. So I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to read your words and bear witness to all of the beautiful creativity that pulses through each of us as we bloom into the drama therapists that we are and will be. I hope this newsletter will continue to be a place for us to share our journeys, learn from each other, and connect to new communities. If you have other hopes and desires for this newsletter, let me know. This is for you.