Barcelona, on the shores of the Mediterranean
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Where is Barcelona? How many inhabitantas has it got?

Barcelona is in the northeast of spain, in Europe. It is a big city. It’s got approximately one million six hundred thousand inhabitants.


We can find Mediterranean climate in Barcelona. In winter it is mild and in summer it is temperate, because Mediterranean Sea regulates temperatures.

Barcelona is a very old city.


Is a very old city. The history about this city extends at four thousand years, since the ends of the Neolithic.

There is Barcelona in medieval times:

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Tourism and places to see.

It has lots of monuments and things to see. Barcelona is famous because it has many good teams of different sports, for example Fútbol Club Barcelona in football. It is also famous for its has a very important port.

If you like football you can see the Camp Nou, the stadium of the city team.

There is an aquarium, there are numerous museums like “Museo Picasso de Barcelona” or “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona”. Barcelona has got a zoo and you can also find a amusement park.

There are lots of things to do in Barcelona. You can stay in great Hotels, you can also go for a walk on the “The Ramblas”.


The main industry is commercial and tourist.

Tourists love the architecture and culture, they like public transport too.

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I think Barcelona is a great and fantastic place. Few years ago, I went there, and I loved it. Go to visit this amazing city!