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Churches And Their Furniture

Churches have been around ever since mankind now can remember. They have stood like towering guards, making their presence known among the masses through various means – the cross, the architecture, the sights and sounds and the furniture. There is not a single word that can describe the importance of these elements for a church. Speaking of church architecture, the most influential designs by far have been the churches of Byzantium, the basilicas, the Romanesque abbeys and gothic cathedrals. They mostly emphasized on harmony. Their prominence was so profound that the skylines of cities used to be domineered by the silhouette of these churches. Huge, architecturally rich and ornately crafted, these churches had every single element, down to the very last pebble, intricately designed with care. This care was unequivocally extended to designing church furniture as well. The designers of that era did an outstanding job at it, seeing how the same design seems to have floated effortlessly into the present-day churches without so much as a dent.

Church pews have a trademark design that has not changed much since the date of their conception. The long, benched and continuous form has come to define itself and its premises through churches. Interesting to note is the fact that furnishing a church is not child’s play. It takes more planning and brainstorming than furnishing a home or any other place. This is probably why the world has dedicated church furniture stores. All other kinds of furniture is generic and available on any furniture shop, but not church furniture. Imminent challenges revolving around furniture for churches has caused decision-makers to be in a bind when it comes to renovation activities of the church. Whether or not new church pews need to be bought becomes question of the day. A church pew is perhaps the most important part of a church, because it seats those who come to pray. During sermons and other ceremonies, church pews play their part well. They may even be the most used furniture in a church. During renovation, based on the decided new look of a church, the pews may need to be remodelled or bought anew. If the revised design fits well with conventional practices, suitable old church pews for sale may be available. Used church pews render a rustic look to the place – something that is befitting to a place of worship. They fit the budget too, in case other portions of the church need greater attention.

Renovations in churches sometimes also revolve around making the place friendly for the physically challenged. To make room for wheelchairs and crutches, some churches have showed benevolent empathy by replacing pews with church chairs. More room is thus created to strengthen the idea of a place of worship being open to all. Sometimes good antique furniture is located in second-hand church furniture sales. Such opportunity should not be allowed to pass. Antiquities beautify a church like jewellery on a woman.

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