Module 3 Lesson 1 Practice Activity

By: Brody Fairchild

Issue With Separation of Power

The Articles of Confederation were a mistake by the Second Continental Congress because the Articles gave the State Governments to much power versus the Federal Government. Unable to tax, the Feds lost control of the States taxing making them angry at each other for taxing each other, even leading to a rebellion.

Shay's Rebellion

Daniel Shay was a simple farmer in Massachusetts but when the States taxation got too high, he and he fellow farmers didn't like it one bit. So in 1787 Shay led 1200 farmers on a march on a State arsenal. They were stopped and disbanded but it was a wakeup call for the Federal Government to make something happen.

Reasons for the Mistake

Congress wanted to prevent too much power in the Federal System to prevent another taxing problem.