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Me encanta la música española

Spanish II

  • Class Name: Spanish 2
  • Teacher: Jennifer Martin


I didn't have to look up the songs because all these artist I have choose I have listened to before. The artist that I listened to are Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony, and Prince Royce. The songs I choose from this artist are Promise, by Romeo Santos, Corazon Sin Cara & Stand By Me by Prince Royce, and also Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony. I do not dislike any of there songs.


The purpose of exploring different culture is so you can always learn something about other peoples ways of singing and doing things. My culture doesn't really relate to this kind music. All of these are about love. There isn't really any difference in the music. The effect on me from this project is that I am definitely going to be listening to this kind of music more then I already do.