Andrew Jackson

hero or zero...ZERO

the trail of tears

In the southeastern united states there lives a tribe named the Cherokees. At this time in history many people believe that the native tribes are all scalping killers, but the Cherokees were not. The Cherokees were very much americanized; they had their own constitution and their own political leader. Andrew Jackson didnt see the Cherokees as equals, he only sees them as people who live on american land. once the Americans found gold the Cherokee knew that life would never be the same. since gold was found the Cherokee went to court so they would not have to fear losing their land. At the court case, Worcester vs. Georgia, the ruling was that the Cherokee should be left alone to live their lives as before. Andrew Jackson could not except the fact of losing (being the zero he is) so he decided to ignore the ruling made by John Marshall and go on with his mission of kicking the Native Americans off their land. After the blessing of the U.S government, the army was sent to the Cherokee land and marched many Native American tribes across the U.S to their new homes in Oklahoma. Over the next few weeks thousands of Native Americans died. retrieved from:

spoil system

In the year of 1825, Jackson lost the presidency to his component John Quincy Adams. After his defeat, he had to change the rules of the game. First he started with the rules about voting. Now all white males could vote. That still wasn't enough. Jackson was the outsider, he grew up without a father, without money and he had to bring himself to the top. He knew that if he wanted to win he would have to make some allies. Coming from his childhood there was no way he had any political allies. He had to make his own. He could have spread his political ideas and won over allies but instead he decided to use "the spoil system" a system where you give your supporters jobs. This system was not good for the country because the people he picked to work with him were not qualified to make the rules and laws of the country. retrieved from:

nullification crisis

in 1828 and 1832 a tariff was passed. This tariff made all of the taxes on imported goods very high. This affected the economy in the north greatly but in a good way. This made most of the Americans buy the domestic products. On the other hand, the south's economy only went down. The south didnt like the tariff so they decided not to pay it. Jackson didnt like the south disobeying him so he made a bill called the "force bill." This bill forced the south to pay the tariff. This caused a lot of hatred towards him in the south.retrieved from:
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This cartoon shows that Andrew Jackson as a king because he abuses his powers as president and dosnt follow the rules of the constitution.
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