Presedent Eisenhower

My Presedent


My president is Dwight Eisenhower he was the 34th president of the United States.

A alsome president.

early life

Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denison Texas October 19th 1890.Ida Elizabeth she moved from Kansas to Texas before he was born.Eisenhowers brother was a author with a historian named David.Eisenhower got his education from Columbia University.Eisenhowers early career was he was a solder in the military. Eisenhowers marrige/wife is mamie and she is from panama city.Eisenhower had no children.even harry
s. trumam led Eisenhower running for president.


Eisenhowers terms of office were 1953-1961.His political party affilation was unknown at the time.His vise president was Richerd Nixen. Fox Conner was one of the most important influertial in his life.
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after presididency

Eisenhowers place of residence was Cammansdands residence Quarters.A activity Eisenhower did was he made up the Eisenhower library. Eisenhower died in march 1968.He
died from a hart disease Coronary thrombosis.
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