what do you know about cocaine?


1. Sharing straws used to snort cocaine can spread blood diseases like Hepatitis C.

Cocaine - a scary substance all year round.

2. Mixture of cocaine with heroin creates one of the deadliest forms of cocaine, a speedball.

3. Prolonged cocaine can cause damage to the nose, to the point where abusers get plastic surgery to fix damage.

4. Cocaine, especially crack cocaine, often contains adulterants, some of which can be highly toxic.

5. In the first hour after cocaine use, the user’s heart attack risk is almost 24 times greater.

6. Cocaine can be extremely addictive, and very hard to quit, so much so that they are developing a vaccine so that people cannot feel its effects.

7. According to a “rational scale to assess the harm of drugs potential misuse,” cocaine is second only to heroin (and not by much) in its possible danger in terms of dependence and physical harm.

8. Simple possession of crack cocaine will trigger a mandatory sentence: 5 grams of crack will trigger a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence.

9. Extended cocaine use can reduce one’s sense of smell. This is called anosmia.

10. Cocaine was made illegal by President Taft in 1910

11. Coke didn't stop using cocaine until 1929

What Happens When You Snort Crack

Permanent unless you receive expensive plastic surgery