VCR Lesson 6

Jamie Lee 4b

Fill in the blank

Jamie and Adam either debunk or ____ myths and urban legends on the MythBusters.
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tr. v. To affirm; to declare or attest to positively or dogmatically.

Related Words

n. averment


  • assert
  • declare
  • affirm


  • deny
  • refute
  • disclaim


  • Old French averer, a reduction of Vulgar Latin adverare (ad "[up] to" + verus "true")
  • Same root borrowed for very, verify, verdict
  • voir dire, examination of potential jurors under oath
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Choose the Sentence in Which the Word is Used Incorrectly

a) Three UN reports recently averred that South Sudan suffers from the official classification of famine.

b) The frugal farmer found it necessary to compromise and aver that he was willing to spend more for new equipment.

c) In the beginning of 12 Angry Men, a single juror questions the other's averment that the defendant is guilty.

d) He forgot his sunglasses and had to aver his eyes from the bright daylight after exiting the theater.

Correct Answer:

D: avert