November 13th

Dear Parents.

I hope you had a good weekend!

Student council is sponsoring a food drive this week. Please bring in boxed cereal, protein bars, or pancake mix. Thank you in advance for helping these families in need!

* We will have extra Music classes throughout the week to practice for the upcoming Christmas pageant on Dec. 5th.

Week Plans


In Religion this week, we will learn about Catholic life. We will also learn about Saint Philippine Duchesne.


We will read the Jr. Great Books story, Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts.

This week in Phonics we will learn how to read and spell:

* consonants x and y

* digraph sh

* blend shr

* digraph oo

*Please continue to read the decodable readers being sent home twice a week, as they are very helpful in reinforcement of the phonetic skills learned in class and your child's fluency.


.In writing and grammar, we will write a Key Word Outline over the paragraph Trees. The class will practice retelling and then rewriting the paragraph using their outlines


This week in Math, we will review what we learned about solid and plane figures and take a test over Chapter 5. We will begin Chapter 6 over Ordinal Numbers and Position.

Updates and Reminders

· Chapter 5 Math Test is on Tuesday.

· Chapter 5 Religion Test is on Wednesday.

· Blessing Before Meal prayer test is on Thursday.

· Phonics Assessment is on Friday over: i consonant e, o consonant e, e consonant e, a consonant e, and u consonant e.

· Spelling Test on Friday over words: this, bring, sing, three, think, back, red, that, see, green, from, and are.

Spelling sentences: The bag is from Pam. I think we can go.

· Grace After Meals prayer test is on Dec. 14th.