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Weathering, erosion, deposition, soil


Definition - Erosion is when rocks or minerals are broken down and are carried away.

2 landforms formed from erosion is the Grand Canyon, and the Badlands.


Weathering is the breaking down of rocks. It can be broken down by wind, rain, ice or other natural elements. There are three types of weathering. Physical, Chemical, and Biological.

Physical is when it is broken down by rain, snow or wind. Chemical is when rocks are broken down through processes like oxidation. Biological is when rocks are broken down by things like plants.


Deposition is the process of laying down sediment.

Two landforms formed by deposition is the Chiquicamata Copper Mine and the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Soil Composition

Definiton - what the soil is made up of.

Soil is used to farm and grow plants. Soil makes up everything around us.

Soil is important in North Carolina because we are an agricultural state. We need soil in our state so we can grow our crops.

Common soil in NC

Cecil, Sandhill, and Organic soil are the the three most common types of soil found in North Carolina.

Soil Conservation Method

Crop Rotation is one of the most common types of soil conservation. This is when you plant different crops every year to restore the fertility to the soil. For example you plant corn one year. Then the next year you plant soybeans to add Nitrogen that was lost when you planted corn.

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