Why Chipmunks Have Large Cheeks

By: Taylor Sloan

Once, a little chipmunk, who was sly and cunning, asked the squirrels if he could go to their big feast. The squirrels knew that this chipmunk could not be trusted as he had tricked them before but, as the chipmunk kept talking they grew more and more convinced that they could trust him. Soon they decided the chipmunk to personally invite the chipmunk to the feast.
When the chipmunk got there he was so exited because he was able to give their big, inspirational, speech since he was such a great public speaker. At the near end of the speech the chipmunk said,"And in the name of the Acorn Order, we will all take our new names".
None of the squirrels had ever hear of this Acorn order, but they decided to trust the chipmunk because chipmunks have existed longer than squirrels. The chipmunk took the name The Squirrels, while he named the squirrels Chipmunk 1, Chipmunk 2, Chipmunk 3, etc. After the speech the squirrels brought out the most delicious looking food the chipmunk could ever imagine. Just before everyone got their food the chipmunk asked," And who did you prepare this wonderful feast for?"
"For the squirrels, obviously," the chipmunk laughed with glee and before the squirrels knew what was happening the chipmunk ate all of the food. The squirrels were so angry the cut off the chipmunks claws so he couldn't climb down the tree. The chipmunk asked every squirrel he saw to take a message to his wife. All refused except one squirrel who was more angry than the rest. The squirrels original name was Crow and although the chipmunk told Crow to tell his wife to fill their pool with water, Crow told the chipmunks wife to fill their pool with cement blocks.
The chipmunks wife did as she thought her husband had told her to do. The squirrel waited 10 hours, as he couldn't see the ground from the tree, then jumped aiming for where their pool should be. About 50 feet above the pool the chipmunk tried to change his trajectory, as he saw the pool was filled with cement blocks, to a pole. he was hoping to slide down the pole like a fire fighter but, his cheek got caught. He stayed there, hanging, for hours until they could finally get the chipmunk down. That is why the chipmunks cheeks are so large.

What Goes Around Comes Around