Fifth Grade News

Issue #4

Keep In Mind for week of Sept. 16, 2013

· Check out our Twitter feed! cres5thgrade

· Ms. Deal is collecting shoe boxes! Please send them her way!

· Coupon Books Are On Sale! The school earns $12.50 for each book sold.

· Crozet Book Fair is Sept. 24th- Oct 1st.

· Book Fair/Pizza Night Sept. 27th from 5-8

· Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up in October. More information to come.

· Grand Caverns field trip October is 30th.
· 5th Grade is peanut free!

We are always in need of playground equipment. If you are cleaning out your garage, please keep an eye out for bases and kickballs. Thank you for your support!

Math Corner

In Math, we continue to explore multiples, factors, square numbers, composite numbers, and prime numbers. It is critical that students work towards fluency of Multiplication facts. At school we are using and multiplication charts to help improve fact fluency, but anytime you find an opportunity, check in with them to reinforce these facts. In Unit 1, we also cover Order of Operations, one and two-digit multipliers and divisors. It is content-heavy, but it serves as a base unit for future study.

From the Science Lab of Mrs. Agee

We've learned about the three types of rock - igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. We've also studied the changes rocks go through during the rock cycle. Check out these cool rock specimens our students brought!

From the Historical Perspective of Ms. Deal

The Regions of Virginia Unit is coming to an end. We have explored each region in depth, and have even talked about the geography surrounding Virginia as well. Mrs. Agee and Mrs. Garbaccio's classes will have a small Regions test on Monday, and my class will test on Tuesday. Study Guides will be sent home this week, so please look over them with your student and help them prepare for the test next week. The Study Guide is a small light green book, so you know what you're looking for.

I am still collecting shoe boxes for our next unit. If you have any lying around at home, or you happen to buy a new pair of shoes in the near future, send the boxes my way! Thank you!

From the Writing Desk of Mrs. Garbaccio

Students are becoming familiar with their new log-in process to access their writing pieces. Students enjoyed rewriting their own fairy tales, so I postponed the following writing prompt to this week.

What is something you want to learn to do?

Explain what you would like to learn and why.

If there is Internet access at home, students can access their documents and are welcome to work on assignments. We utilize the color-coding method to organize students' paragraphs. Students like to call it the colorful Hamburger method.