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April 13th, 2015

<Issue #11>

We are heading down the home stretch! I would love to work with any of you who are interested in trying new and innovative lessons designs as we finish up the school year. I look forward to spending a little bit of time with each of you during our lunch at least once over these next couple of weeks.

Updates, Tips and Reminders

Importing Events into Google Calendar using Google Sheets

If you have ever had to add a large number of events into your Google Calendar, I am sure you have uttered to yourself, "there has got to be a less time consuming way to do this". Below I will describe a tip that will save you a lot of time adding bulk events into Google Calendar.

You can fill in all of your event details into a specially designed Google Sheet and then import that file into Google Calendar! Following these steps:

1) Make a Copy of My Spreadsheet to CSV to Calendar Template

2) Insert your desired events starting on line 2 (do not modify line 1)

3) Export spreadsheet as a CSV - Watch Video

4) Import CSV file into Google Calendar - Watch Video

Watch it all in one video!

LC Technicians

I trust that each of you have been contacted by at least one Learning Commons technician at some point in time last week. Many of you might have also noticed that your projector has been serviced and your cart has been organized for you.

Our Tech Squad and Library Workers should have reached out to each teacher to let them know of the services that we can provide. Please feel free to contact your technician or one of us whenever you have any needs for you classroom.

If you have not yet been contacted or your cart has not been serviced please contact Kehlan, Melissa or myself so that we can make sure you are taken care of this week.

Copiers and Secure Print Reminder #2

Some teachers have reported issues with Secure Print. It seems that many of you do not get the pin pop up and instead the print job will automatically print down at the copier you have selected. This issue is due to the fact that you have an older driver installed on your computer that is routing your print through an alternative server. If you would like this corrected, please uninstall and then re-install the print driver or stop by and someone can do this for you in the LC. We will be removing the server that is causing this issue which will result in your inability to print to the copier without the new driver installed. Please take care of this at your earliest convenience so that you do not experience any interruptions.

Let's Do Lunch

I sent an email out earlier today stating: I would like to meet up with you during your lunch period soon. Some of you I see often, but others it seems I have missed. This is a way for me to just hang out with you and touch base. I don't have an agenda so we can chat about school related issues if you want....or just "life".

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Schedule: (if you cannot meet on that day, feel free to join another group when you are available) ​

Monday April ​13

10:00 - Team 7-1, April Bell

10:30- Team 7-2

Tuesday April 14

11:20- Team 8-1

11:50- team 8-3

Wednesday April 15

10:00- Team 7-3, Robin Huizenga

10:30- Team 7-5, Sherry Birdseye

Thursday April 16

11:20- Team 8-2, Jamie Verdin

11:50- Team 8-5

Friday April 17

10:40- Music team

Monday April 20

10:00 Team 7-4, Rose Arnell

11:20 Team 8-4

Tuesday April 21

10:40- Art Team

Wednesday April 22

10:32- Wellness

10:55 Brenda Kelly, Rich Strausbaugh

Thursday April 23

10:40- Joy Jackson, Tina Weiss, Dee Tibbs

PE Equipment Form

The Health and Wellness Department has created a form that you can use to request borrowing their equipment. All teachers must use this form if they would like to borrow anything that is managed by the wellness team.

Click Here to access the form.

The link for the form is also located on the teacher webmix on nagel.symbaloo!

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