Celebrity Breakdowns

By: Gretchen Rife

Though we idolize “perfect” celebrities, we don’t know their real stories. Almost all celebrities will snap, sometime in their fame. It’s become uncommon for famous people to lose it with crazy paparazzi, slanderous stories, and insane fans. But then again, wouldn’t you?
Here’s some stories of the craziest celebrity breakdowns of our time.

Kim Kardashian

Right after the popular 72 day marriage failed, Kim had a breakdown bawling “It’s hard for me. He has a good heart, he’s a Christian – everything on paper what I want in someone, but for some reason, my heart isn’t connecting.” on her popular E! show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Britney Spears

Ever since Britney Spears’ 2006 divorce against Kevin Federline, her life spiraled out of control. In 2007, right before her VMA performance, she had a meltdown in front of everyone tuned into the awards show. Blaming it on the messy divorce, custody battle of her two boys, and stints in rehab, it has been called one of the craziest breakdowns in pop history. She even went as far as shaving her head!

Chris Brown

While on a Good Morning America appearance promoting his album F.A.M.E, show host Robin Roberts pressed beyond his music, asking about his domestic violence allegations against Rihanna. After dodging the first question, he snapped when she asked again another. He reportedly stomped off the set to his dressing room, screaming obscenities, and throwing his chair into a window. He was later escorted by security.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey reportedly broke down during her first week in Lynwood prison, after being locked up for multiple drug usage charges. After she was made fun of, she “would lie there shivering all night, crying and covering her face with her hands.” Reported an inmate. Keeping other awake all night, she was put in isolation and eventually was transported to a local medical center.