High School Activities

Description of PALCS Activities

Mental Health Awareness Activity

The purpose of the Mental Health Awareness Activity is to provide a place where PALCS students with the same goals can raise awareness, engage in discussions and take part in positive activities to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

For more information, please contact:

Meeting Dates/Times:

  • Bi-Weekly - Thursdays at 11:45 AM

Games and Activities

Students will be invited to cooperate with peers to achieve various goals during games. They will also analyze and strategize to accomplish missions and share completion tips. Students will investigate issues within the gaming community and develop a better understanding of both positive and negative trends in gaming.

Fore more information, contact:

Proposed Meeting Time:

  • Friday - 1PM - 2 PM

The Art of Debate of Civil Discourse

The purpose of the debate and civil discourse activity is to teach students to research using credible sources in order to support an argument. Students will also learn how to debate opposing views with their peers using respectful communication.

Proposed Meeting Times, Dates, & Zoom Room:

For more information, please contact:

Project 7

P7 is a Bible activity where students have the opportunity to study the Bible and discuss their faith.

The first official meeting will take place on Monday, September 24th. Click on the following link for more information!

More Information Can Be Found Here

Creative Writing Circle

PALCS is offering a platform for students to write, share, discuss, and critique their work in an informal group setting. Our goals are for you to gain some ideas for your creative pieces from your peers and also from a few of our English teachers. You can also bring forth anything you are working on either for school, a creative portfolio, or for just your own personal use and allow the group to review or help improve your work. In addition the faculty advisors will help initiate ideas to create stories, poems, characters, and other exercises to help get you writing. Students will also have the opportunity to submit creative work for a biannual literary magazine which is published for the students and families of PALCS.

Minecraft Club

This is an optional school club for PALCS students in grades K-12

interested in playing minecraft with other students from PALCS virtually.


A Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a student-run group which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.

National Honor Society

The PALCS National Honor Society (NHS) chapter exists to increase academic scholarship, and to build connections with various communities. All students (grades 10-12) who can demonstrate leadership, service, character, and possess a 3.5 GPA are encouraged to apply for NHS.

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Join the Mobile Photography club!

If you love snapping pics and sharing to social media, this club is for you!

If you enjoying being creative and want to learn the basics of photography, this club is for you!

If you'd like to make some friends and be more social, this club is definitely for YOU!

Every week you'll have a photography "mission" using your smart phone/device and the social networking app Instagram. In these missions, you will be using the photography and editing skills you learn along the way, and sharing your photos through Instagram and in our weekly club meetings.

You will need:

1) A mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that can take pictures and connect to the internet

2) An Instagram account You will be setting up a school account with the social media platform Instagram

If interested, please message Mrs. Melissa Guerriero, high school art teacher.

French Honor Society

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Important Information

FHS’s purpose is to encourage & foster the study of the French language and culture.

The Société Honoraire de Français (The French National Honor Society) is an organization whose intent is to recognize high school students in the United States who have maintained excellent grades in at least three semesters of French language courses; this is done by induction into the organization.

Qualifications: Three full semesters of High School French with a grade of A- or better; a minimum 3.0 GPA in all other coursework (excluding French grades); completion of at least one full semester at SJHS (transfer students).

Please contact Ms. Crisafio or Ms. Barlat for more information.

jcrisafio@palcs.org or by phone at extension 1261

bbarlat@palcs.org or by phone extension 1264

PALCS Student Government

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The PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS) Student Government is a statewide group of 9th-12th grade students who desire to lead and inspire others. The mission of PALCS' Student Government is to be truthful, loyal, honorable and motivated. We hope to serve and aspire to lead others.

If you would like more information about how to get involved in student government, please contact

Your can also find more information by going to the PALCS' Student Government Website page: blog2.palcs.org/studentgovernment


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Students will explore the world of computer programming while working on and completing coding projects! This activity group will allow students to explore fundamental coding concepts through the Carnegie Mellon University online, interactive computer science curriculum.