Nancy Ryles Elementary Newsletter ~ February 25, 2022


Dear Nancy Ryles,

It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of February. It’s been a fun month of kicking off the second semester, Friendship parties, and seeing student performance begin to take off. We also saw a significant drop in Covid-19 cases. What a celebration! We are heading into March with some great momentum.

As much as we try to focus on safety, positivity, and kindness within our school, the events outside of school and in our world are stressful, and we begin to feel that stress seep into our school. As the news spread about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week, adults can’t help but feel all sorts of emotions: sadness, worry, anxiety, and uncertainty. Those emotions are picked up by our children and we see that play out in a variety of ways. As a parent, I find myself wondering how I approach these conversations with my own children, if at all, and I tend to turn to research to help guide me. I found a helpful article on Today that offers an age-by-age guide on how to talk to your children about events such as this. Of course, there are lots of articles to help guide your parenting approach and with a little preparation and some tools in your toolbox, you can help your child navigate feelings and questions that they may come up. It’s best to try and limit having the news on with children around and remembering to promote a sense of safety where we are. It’s hard when we don’t have the answers ourselves, but we don’t always need the answers to talk with our children.

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine, and all who are impacted by these events.

With Care,

Monica Arbow


NRCO News & Events

Staff Spotlight - Music

This week we are featuring Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Baird, our music teachers. Check out Instagram or Facebook for a fun blurb about Mrs. Thompson, one of our music teachers. Thank you both for enriching our students with music education!

Upcoming Events

GUEST SPEAKER: Tuesday, March 8th at 7pm

Our last session with Megan Barella, Positive Parenting Coach, will be next month on Tuesday, March 8th at 7pm.

A special thanks to all of our sponsors for helping make this event possible: Danielle Bade with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Spencer Rubin with Play Fit Fun and Scott and Sandi Proctor with Impact Sign Company.

The NRCO could use your help!

Volunteer Opportunities

The district has recently updated their COVID protocols and we can now offer volunteer opportunities inside the school building. We need your help to get some of our favorite programs and activities going again.

Our goal is to have a robust team of volunteers ready to get started supporting our students, staff and community with on campus programs and activities by the return from Spring Break. Below are 2 opportunities for programs we are planning now. Stay tuned for more opportunities!

We look forward to volunteering with you!

Art Lit

No previous art experience or education necessary! We're looking for volunteers with an interest in learning and sharing art with children. All information and materials are provided and responsibilities are shared with other volunteers. You can choose to present to the class, or be a class assistant. If you are interested in volunteering for your student's classroom please contact Amanda Cary ( for more information.

Croc Walk

Croc Walk is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We are looking for a team of people to plan and coordinate the Croc Walk. It is currently scheduled for Friday, May 20. If you would like to help make this happen, please contact Jill Rector at

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Staff Spotlight-Music Team

Incoming Kindergarten Registration

Incoming Kindergarten registration is now open! If you have an incoming kindergarten student, or know of someone who does, we encourage you to begin the registration process now and help spread the word. Please view the video below for more information.
Kindergarten Registration
Las inscripciones de Kindergarten (Español)

Special Education Parent Resource Fair - April 6, 2022

Community Conversations Around Race April 6, 2022


2021-2022 District Calendar with Nancy Ryles Conference Dates


March 4 – 90’s Day

April 1 – Wacky Hair or Hat Day

May 6 – Color Block (each grade level gets assigned a color to wear)

June 3 -- Beach/Hawaiian Day


February 25

Ethan K. - Kindergarten

Tyler K. - Kindergarten

February 26

Astrid G. - 2nd Grade

Orlando J. - 2nd Grade

Olivia O. - 5th Grade

February 27

Violet N. - 3rd Grade

Miguel T. - 1st Grade

February 28

Ashlynne Q-G. - 5th Grade

February 29

Duo-Yu L. - Kindergarten

March 1

Jack H. - 5th Grade

March 2

Jax E. - 2nd Grade

Ian G. - 3rd Grade

Belle J. - 1st Grade

Maewynn O. - 2nd Grade


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