Mesoamerica Brochure

About Mayans, Incas, & Aztec


Framing: They grew their Corn

Inventions: Created a game called Pok-ta-ball

Communication: They spoke of 3- Mayan languages

Extra Facts: They grew different types of squash / And they're from Southern Mexico, Gwadimala, and Hunderas

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Farming: They grew they're corn and potatoes

Inventions: Made Roads

Communication: They spoke Quechua

Extra Facts: They made Hanging Bridges / And they're from South America, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Chilli

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Farming: They grew their cocoa beans

Inventions: They made a different kind of chocolate

Communication: They had no writing but created a record called quipo.

Extra Facts: They were from Europe and Mexico City. / And they spoke Nalwadol

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