Grade5B 2014-2015

With Ms. Bienz

Welcome to the fifth grade with Ms. Bienz!

This is my fourth year teaching at American Academy Casablanca. I am very excited to be teaching fifth grade again this year! This year is a very special year, as we implement more technology, begin focusing on project based learning, and move to the new campus in the spring. I look forward to what the year will bring!

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What is Project Based Learning?

Project based learning is a new approach to instruction that will be used in Grade5B this year. Students will learn content through a variety of inquiry-based projects. In this, students will be able to ask their own questions and research their own interests that relate to the unit topic. These projects will differ throughout the year, as students work individually, with partners, groups, and occasionally as a whole class.

After School Expectations (some call this "homework")- Read more about this on our website here: (more information is available using the QR code to the right)

  • Students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night
  • Students will have video lessons that they will be expected to watch approximately 3 times a week (online, on a USB, or before school in my classroom)
  • For each video lesson, students will complete a KWL form online or in their subject notebook
  • Students will be expected to blog about their reading at least once a week. They should also comment on at least two other students' blogs.


(There is more information on our website, under general information- the same link in the above homework section)

  • Students will receive continual written or oral feedback on all major projects through either written forms or conferences.
  • Students will be able to fix and re-do these projects until they are satisfied.
  • Students will have occasional tests at the end of some units. These will be graded on a percentage scale.
  • Students will be required to select a certain number of projects and assessments for their online portfolio- these will be shared with parents during Student Led Conferences. These will determine overall report card grades.
  • Students report cards will be based on an S for "satisfactory", N for "needs improvement," and U for "unsatisfactory."

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I look forward to working with you and your students this school year!

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Don't Forget- AAC Barbeque

Saturday, Sep. 20th 2014 at 11am

21 Rue des Papillons

The barbecue will start at 11:00. There will be a Grade5B meeting for all parents at 11:15 and other one at 11:45 AM. Please attend one of these meetings. There will also be time to see the classroom, get information for the year, and to ask questions about any concerns you may have.