Battle of Somme

World War I

Description of the Battle

Somme battle was also called Somme offensive . This battle was fought in first world war between British and french against Germans. This battle took place from 1 July to 18 November 1916 near river Somme France. More than 1,000,000 mens were killed and wounded.
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The estimated casualties that was made at the Chantilly conference on November 15 1916, was 485 000 British and french and 630 000 Germans. German offensive at Verdum was ended and the french achieved the upper hand. Later the German forces reorganized and Gallwitz took aver a second army in the south. Conflict grew increasingly and rapidly. it became the symbol of the futility of war.

Role of Canadian troops

The role of Canadian soldiers was to keep the Germans occupied. They entered the battle on the August 30th, 1916 and placed in trenches to stop the Germans from pushing. Britain was already at battle with German at this point. The Canadian troops mostly just holded the position and occasionally attacked the German side.


Some tactics used in the war were the creeping barrage. This attack worked by the ally side firing heavy artillery's while the infantry tried to reach the German side. This tactic allowed the ally force to reach the German side without any Germans firing at them. However, this tactic sometimes killed ally soldiers because the artillery was not super precise.
Battle of the Somme