2017 dōTERRA Incentive Trip

Join us in January 2017 in Cancun!

This year, dōTERRA's Incentive Trip is at The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, MX! It will be Monday, Jan 16, 2017 through Friday, Jan 20, 2017, and you can earn your way to go completely FREE, by enrolling new people into dōTERRA. The qualification period is from February 1, 2016 through July 31, 2016; you will earn points overtime you enroll someone that go toward this qualification!

Here's how it works:




  1. Must maintain a Loyalty Rewards order of 100 pv or higher, every month of the Qualification Period or beginning the month following enrollment, if enrolled during the Qualification Period.
  2. Wellness Advocate Account must remain in good standing during Qualification Period.
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Points are earned based on the enrollment Point Calculator below.

enrolling order ---- points received

100 - 249PV ------- 2 points

250 - 499PV ------- 3 points

500PV+ ------- 4 points

If a Wellness Advocate enrolls with 100 pv+, more points can be earned for retention, Loyalty Reward orders must be 100 pv +:

month ---- points received

2 ------- 2 points

3 ------- 2 points

*100+ PV LRP orders must begin the month after enrollment for retention points to be earned. In order to earn full retention points LRP orders must be placed the first and second months after enrollment.

The Prizes!!!

I'm only going to post the 6th place and 5th place prizes, because these are available to EVERYONE who earns enough points to win!!! How cool is that! You can go to the website,, to see all of the prizes available, some even include airfare!

The 6th place prize is a trip for just the Wellness Advocate who qualifies, but the 5th place prize includes a guest!!! Check them out!

The 6th Place Prize (unlimited winners) Includes:

  • 4 Nights
  • Deluxe Tropical or Pool View
  • Transfers (to/from the airport/resort)
  • Taxes & Gratuities
  • 100 Product Credit Points*


This is just for ONE person (the Wellness Advocate) to attend

The 5th Place Prize (unlimited winners) Includes:

  • 4 Nights
  • Deluxe Tropical or Pool View
  • Transfers (to/from the airport/resort)
  • Taxes & Gratuities
  • 200 Product Credit Points*


This is for TWO people (the Wellness Advocate, plus a guest!) to attend

So what does this look like? How many people do I have to enroll?

Here are a few scenarios that Emily Wright posted for us at Leadership Retreat. The first shows that if you enrolled 54 people (about 9 people a month) during the qualifying period, with the smallest qualifying order (100pv min), and only half of them started their LRP for 100pv right away, to run once more in the following month, you'd have 162 points! That's the 5th place prize, so you AND a guest could go for FREE!

The second scenario shows how much faster you can earn points if you are able to encourage everyone you enroll during the qualifying period to participate in LRP at 100pv a month for both month 2 and month 3 (and they started with the minimum enrollment of 100pv). You would only need 21 people, which is about 4 people a month. This scenario would give you 126 points! Which is enough for the 6th place prize!

Now, both of these scenarios used the minimum qualifying enrollment of 100pv, you would earn points much faster if anyone chooses a bigger first enrollment order, 250pv+ gives you 3 points, and 500pv+ gives you 4 points!

Book classes! It really is a reachable goal! Some people have already qualified to go, just in the month of February!!! WHAT?! You can see a list of everyone in dōTERRA who is already qualified to go, and those who are well on their way.

Also, the trip is available for purchase for those who do not qualify to go for free, you can still choose this as your next vacation and join in on the dōTERRA fun!

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So What Do Say?

I'm excited to try to earn my way to this amazing trip! I have never qualified to go on the Incentive trip before, but I'm not afraid to try! Lets all try together! All of the photos on this page (including the background photo) are from the resort itself! It looks amazing; I can't wait to go!