Come to Saturn!!🚀🚀☀🌀

Take a flight for only 1 million dollars!

Go surfing on its rings!

On Saturn you can go surfing on a spaceboard (surfboard) across its rings. Every year we have a national Saturnova 1000 (Daytona 500) have an amazing time racing your friends and take great photo's from our big asteroid pit stops.

There is no surface!

Here on Saturn we don't have a surface so we have huge beautiful cities built in the sky. Come to the capital of Cloudopolis and take amazing photo's of the sights below! or go to one of our many flying theme parks. They fly around the planet going from town to town spreading joy with slides and surfboards.

Go take a side trip to Titan National Park

while your on Saturn take a side trip to Titan Saturn's biggest moon. Have a nice swim in its ocean and look at all the wildlife with a diving trip. Or you can stay and buy a beautiful underwater condo. Yes this makes it so taking a side trip to Titan possible

Sweaters are in!

Here on Saturn because it is so cold people would have to wear stylish winter sweaters! Right now you can come and get our cool blue cold proof sweaters half off one of the finest souvenirs in the solar system!

Some facts

  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun behind Jupiter which is the 5th
  • Saturn can be seen with the naked eye
  • 29.4 earth years for one of Saturn years
  • Saturn is the flattest planet
  • Saturn has 150 moons the one of the biggest is Titan
  • four spacecraft have visited Saturn before
  • the ancient Assyrians were the first to see and named it "lubadsagush" meaning old and slow
  • the fifth brightest thing in the solar system and visible with binoculars and small telescopes
  • made mostly of hydrogen that gets thicker as you get closer to the core
  • upper atmosphere is divided into bands of clouds.