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Doherty Elementary Newsletter: Week of May 20th, 2019

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Please Note: NWEA Map Testing Continues This Week

Our spring NWEA Map Testing begins this week. See the article later in the newsletter to find out when your child is testing. Please do your best to ensure that your child gets a good night sleep, eats a good breakfast, and makes it to school for testing. While we don't want this test to cause any added stress or anxiety, we do want all of our children to take this test seriously. Please encourage your child to do their best, as the data collected from this test is one critical data point that impacts decisions that we make at Doherty (including support plans, creating effective class lists, and determining next steps in instruction).

What You'll Find In This Newsletter...

This week's newsletter includes the items below:

DOherty FAMILY Photo Album


  • Special Home-School Learning Opportunity Celebrations
  • NEW Home-School Learning Opportunity
  • Doherty Contributors: Positive Office Referrals
  • PBIS Rewards Winners
  • Congratulations to Art Fair Winners
  • Thank You to Our PTO Board Members
  • Welcome 2019-2020 PTO Board Members
  • Field Day--May 31st
  • Volunteer to Help at Field Day
  • NWEA Map Testing Continues This Week
  • June 14th: 2nd Grade Clap Out
  • June 13 and 14: Half Days
  • No Kids Klub on June 14th
  • Lost and Found Items
  • Pick Up Student Medication
  • Kindergarten Enrollment at Doherty
  • 2019-2020 District Calendar
  • Doherty Literary Garden
  • Box Tops Competition
  • Kids Klub: Register Now for Next School Year
  • West Bloomfield Preschool Registration
  • Mrs. Hanifi Art Blog


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New Special Home-School Learning Opportunity

We are excited to announce a NEW Flipgrid challenge this week to continue our social-emotional learning journey! Using Flipgrid is easy and fun. You can either:

  • Go to or use the Flipgrid app on your SmartPhone and use the following code: 2c5ed461
  • Or, you can click this link to go directly to the challenge.

If you want more details about this Flipgrid challenge, read below or just visit the Flipgrid link above.

This week, students are exploring the following feeling words: angry, frustrated, furious. We reviewed the Mood Meter and explored the feeling words (angry, frustrated, and furious) in a variety of ways.

We are asking students to do the following at home with a trusted adult:

  • Schedule time to talk to a trusted adult in their lives
  • Tell that adult about the words "angry," "furious," and "frustrated"--what they mean and what they learned about it this week during the Doherty video announcements.
  • Ask the trusted adult to tell a personal story about a time when they were angry, furious, or frustrated.
  • Post a video on Flipgrid with the adult, sharing the personal story (about a time when they were angry, furious, or frustrated) in a Flipgrid video, along with a strategy the adult used to go from red to green OR a strategy the adult could have used to go from red to green. You can post the video any time after this Thursday, May 23rd.

Special Home-School Learning Opportunity Celebrations

The Home-School Connection Challenge!

A special thank you goes out to the following students and their families for participating in last week's social-emotional home-school connection challenge:

  • Emma Faris
  • Lena Maury
  • Kiera Maury
  • Maksimus Seestadt
  • Locklyn Seestadt
  • Brodie Grubbs
  • Kamryn Thach
  • Ella Malott
  • Hannah Garmo
  • Blake Garmo
  • Wesley Ostrowski

Each of these students will be recognized in this week's announcements, and they have also been invited to this week's PBIS Rewards celebration for doing their Personal Best in School. Additionally, teachers have been sharing these videos throughout the week.

If you would like to view all of the amazing videos that highlight great strategies to help go from excited to calm, please click here.

DOherty FAMILY Album

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Doherty Contributors: Positive Office Referrals

Part of our Portrait of a Graduate in West Bloomfield is helping students become impactful Contributors. Students are contributing when they positively impact the surrounding community and world by proactively applying personal awareness and relational skills.

At Doherty, with the support of our amazing families, we are developing Contributors. Moreover, we take the time to celebrate and recognize our Contributors!

Teachers are taking the time to send Positive Office Referrals down to the office when they notice that a student has gone above and beyond to make Doherty Elementary a better place to be. When this happens, we recognize the student on the morning announcements. Thank you to the teachers below for taking the time to recognize these students. Thank you to the students below for being AWESOME.

Congratulations to our PBIS Rewards Winners Last Week

Last week was our second week of choosing weekly PBIS Rewards winners, and the kids loved it. It's great to be able to leverage our PBIS Rewards system to celebrate students on a weekly basis. For more details on how students are chosen, please see the article below.

And, here were last week's winners:

  • Dominick Shows-Braxton
  • Daniel Armour
  • Jena Abukwaik
  • Ethan Anthony
  • Riya Gowda
  • Poramate Posuwan
  • Camden Solgot
  • James Pearsall
  • Eshaal Zeeshan
  • Raymond Jackson
  • Layla Haidour
  • Mason Askew
  • Asher Silko
  • Trent Talton
  • Micah Griffin
  • Alexander Edwards
  • Rehman Qazi
  • Gabrielle Merritt
  • Ava Theodore
  • LJ Langs
  • Francis Hwier
  • Taisley Hennagir
  • Adrianna Shaeena
  • Aubrey Holly
  • Ethyn Cameron
  • Monroe Hill
  • Aniya Moore
  • Conrad Stamper
  • Yvette Scheibel
  • Aidan Fry
  • Nicholas Slater
  • Nicholas Rozman
  • Alyssa Rockett
  • Vaughn Gerber
  • Hadley Sawrynski
  • Elise Mestdagh

Congratulations to Art Fair Winners

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Thank You to Our PTO Board Members

Without question, the Doherty PTO board is the all-time greatest. Their commitment to supporting the Doherty Family is unparalleled. From raising money to help improve the quality of your child's experience at Doherty to leading memorable events, they truly do it all. They never cease to amaze me!

We'd like to personally thank our PTO Board Members for their service (pictured below):

  • Diane Maury
  • Kim Wolenberg
  • Stephanie Gerber
  • Alison Ristovski
  • Monique Williams
  • Nicole Calvin
  • Jodie Ostrowski
  • Renai Mayle
  • Natalie Stacey
  • Amanda Oliver
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Welcome and Congratulations to Next Year's PTO Board Members

As we prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, we'd like to introduce our PTO Board members for next year (pictured below):

  • Monique Williams
  • Jodie Ostrowski
  • Crystal Lewis
  • Nicole Calvin
  • Aliisa Roberson
  • Sesilee Langs
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Doherty Field Day--May 31st

Field Day is Friday, May 31 at Doherty. Parents please send in an extra pair of clothes for your students.

Field Day Schedule By Grade Level

Kindergarten Field Day: 8:45-10:25 AM

First Grade Field Day: 10:30 AM-12:10 PM

Second Grade Field Day: 1-2:40 PM

Mrs. Latchaw, Ms. Phillips, and Ms. Huyghe will choose their time slot and communicate with families.

Volunteer to Help at Field Day

NWEA Spring Map Testing Continues This Week

The following classes will be taking their spring NWEA Map Math and Reading assessments next week (the week of May 20th):

  • Mrs. Baeten
  • Mrs. Bieber
  • Mrs. Stephens
  • Mrs. Kilano
  • Mrs. Kowalski
  • Mrs. Loeffler (Ms. Boone)
  • Ms. Metzenthin
  • Mr. Crowe
  • Mrs. Griffin
  • Ms. Samuilow
  • Ms. Valentine

Please do your best to ensure that your child gets a good night sleep, eats a good breakfast, and makes it to school for testing. While we don't want this test to cause any added stress or anxiety, we do want all of our children to take this test seriously. Please encourage your child to do their best, as the data collected from this test is one critical data point that impacts decisions that we make at Doherty (including support plans, creating effective class lists, and determining next steps in instruction).

June 14th: 2nd Grade Clap Out

On our last day of school, second grade parents are invited to participate in a clap out of our second grade students. We have our entire building line the halls and clap for our second graders while they do one last walking loop around the building.

Parents of second graders may show up at 10:30 AM. The actual clap out will begin at 10:45 AM. After the clap out, second grade parents may sign their second grader out for the day.

JUNE 13 & 14 DISMISSAL:11:27


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Please be sure to check Lost and Found when you're in the building. Any items that are not picked up by June 3 will be donated.


If your child keeps medication at Doherty, please plan on picking it by Tuesday, June 18th.

WBSD does not keep medication in the office from year to year. We are required to discard any medication that is not picked up and signed out by an adult. For safety reasons medications may not be sent home with the student(s).

Kindergarten Enrollment at Doherty

If you know of any families that have a child that is ready for kindergarten next year, please remind them that they should begin the enrollment and registration process as soon as possible if they have not already done so.

They can pick up enrollment papers at our main office OR they can begin the enrollment process by visiting this link--CLICK HERE.

2019-20 School Calendar

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Doherty Literary Garden

Doherty Junior Literary Garden Groundbreaking

The WBHS Literary Garden Club is so excited to announce that we will be breaking ground on the Doherty Junior Literary Garden this Saturday, May 11th, from 9:30 A.M. - 1 P.M. Like its high school counterpart, the Junior Literary Garden will have plants tied to the books the elementary students are reading so that the teachers can maximize sensory learning in literacy development. Your Doherty teachers are bursting with ideas beyond books - they are thinking of ways to use the Garden for math, science, and socio-emotional development.

The high school students have been designing the Garden to delight and surprise the elementary students at every turn. WB teachers Coletta Bain and Jennifer McQuillan have been collaborating on this project as well. Plans are in the works to connect high school students with elementary “book pals,” which would allow teens to come into Doherty and work with their younger counterparts in a variety of ways. This endeavor would not be possible without the generous support of the West Bloomfield Educational Foundation. We are so grateful for the “seed” money that is getting us started!

We would love your help as we “plant” this new initiative! Here’s our wish list:

  • Gardening gloves (kid and adult sized)

  • Gardening tools (kid and adult sized) (hand tools and shovels, rakes, etc.)

  • Brown paper lawn and refuse bags

  • Storage locker or small shed

  • Benches / seating

  • Watering cans

  • Compost bin

  • Donations of perennial seeds, plants, and ideas are welcome!

If you have items to help, please contact Ms. Bain at

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West Bloomfield Preschool Registration

Preschool Registration for the 2019-20 school year has begun and spots are filling fast! The West Bloomfield Preschool Academy has a variety of programs that will fit a family's needs, including tuition based full-day, half-day, and state funded (GSRP).

Children must be three or four years old by December 1st for tuition based programming, and children must be four years old by September 1st for the GSRP program. Call Dena Dion at 248-865-6466 for more information on all of the wonderful early childhood opportunities that West Bloomfield Community Education has to offer.


If you are interested in before or after-school care for next school year, please reach out to Community Ed and Kids Klub as soon as possible. Registration is open, and spots fill up fast. Once the number of students registered reaches the cap, you will not be able to take advantage of this great service. Please click this link to learn more about Kids Klub times, rates, and registration information AND to reserve your spot for next school year.

PBIS Rewards Update: Changes in Student Rewards

We are making some exciting improvements to how we recognize students for earning PBIS Rewards points at school!

In the past, we have rewarded students by throwing a party at the end of a marking period.

Beginning this week and for the rest of the year, we are going to take time each week to recognize students for earning PBIS Rewards points. Every week, we will have winners that are recognized for being a contributor and a difference maker. Everyone that wins will earn a cool prize. Our goal is to provide more immediate rewards at a schoolwide level.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Every week, students have a chance to earn 60 points or more.

  • Students' chances of winning are higher with the more points they earn each week.

  • And, here’s the best part. Every time a student earns a PBIS Rewards point, they still have a chance to win a weekly prize.

  • There will be 28 winners every week! Winners are chosen through a lottery system.

  • 10 winners are chosen from those students that earn 58 or more points for the week.

  • 8 winners are chosen from those students that earn 52 to 57 points for the week.

  • 6 winners are chosen from those students that earn 46 to 51 points for the week.

  • 4 winners are chosen from those students that earn 30 to 45 points for the week.

What to Look for on your PBIS Rewards App as a Parent?

The daily point system remains the same. Students can earn 9 or more points per day for being safe, respectful, and responsible in their homeroom. They can also earn 3 or more points per day for those same expectations in their specials classes each day. On top of that, students can earn points from staff in the halls, at lunch, at morning walking club, and at other points of the day for demonstrating their very best when it comes to living out our school's values.

Students that earn 9 points or more in a day have had a great day! When you look at your child's point balance, that's where you will be able to see how many points he/she has earned for the week. By week's end, our goal is for your child to earn 45 points or more.

At the end of the week, your child's point balance is cleared, and everyone starts back at 0 to start the next week.

Please keep in mind that students are not penalized for being absent or if a guest teacher is leading the classroom. Instead, students receive a prorated point total (based on what they typically earn per day) for such circumstances at the end of the marking period.

If you have not already done so, please get the app on your smart phone and begin checking for activity. If your student earns 9 or more points per day, he/she had a strong day! If you have not already added the PBIS Rewards Parent App to your smart phone, your child’s teacher should have given you directions on how you can track your child’s PBIS Rewards points. If you need help getting the app, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Mrs. Hanifi's Art Blog


List of Dates & Events

May 27: No School

May 31: Field Day

June 6: Field Day Rain Date

June 9: Sheiko/Doherty Tigers Game (1:10 PM)--last day to order is May 19th

June 13: Half Day

June 14: Half Day, Last Day

June 17: MP 4 Report Cards Posted to PowerSchool by Midnight

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