Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising

By: Anthony Horowitz Flyer by: Sharavanan Sivakumar

Every second is dangerous, every step has its risks, and no one can be trusted

This book has 402 pages.

Summary of Scorpia Rising

Alex Rider wanted to be an ordinary boy. Go to school, get homework, have regular friends, just like everybody else. But, MI6 entered his life and made him a spy. He has been on 8 missions. He thought Kenya would finish his spy life. No. For a third time, Scorpia rose and vowed to kill Alex Rider. As Alex goes to Cairo, Egypt, he must be on the lookout for Scorpia, Razim the Scorpia leader, and Julius Grief, a very mysterious boy. Will Alex fend Scorpia off one more time? Or will the worst happen?

Point of View

The point of view is third person. I can tell because there is a narrator narrating the story. None of the characters are talking from their point of view.

Theme of Scorpia Rising

The theme of this book is perseverance. In the book, even after Jack Starbright dies, Alex perseveres and defeats Scorpia. Also, when his friend Tom Harris is hot, Alex does not give up and tracks down the sniper. Alex Rider never gives in any situation and always defeats the enemy.