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SEPTEMBER 23, 2022


Thank you for another fabulous week! We know that all students put in a ton of effort for MAP testing and we spoke to many students who already were able to learn their scores. We will be working with teachers in the coming weeks to use these scores to inform our decisions regarding intervention and enrichment opportunities for students. We are always reminding ourselves that all tests are only one data point, but still a piece of a larger puzzle that helps us know how to meet student needs.

Next week is spirit week and we're beyond excited to spend our weekend planning our coordinated outfits. (yes, we'll have coordinated outfits....) We hope you dress up every single day too and go all out for FUN leading up to the Homecoming game at the High School on Friday. We're excited to see your outfits this week!

While Friday's are fun. Monday's are really the day we celebrate because we get you back in the building!

Enjoy your weekend. =)

-Mrs. Schunk, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Cole

Events Coming Up

  • September 26-30 HOCO Spirit Week

  • End of September: Look for Q1 Interim Report Cards

  • October 4: Picture Retake Day

  • October 20: Parent Teacher Conferences Virtual Only

  • October 20-22: Junior High Fall Play @ High School

  • October 27: Parent Teacher Conferences In-Person & Virtual

  • October 31: Halloween Dress Up - No Masks, Facepaint, or Large Props

Spirit Week -- Next Week!!!!

Homecoming Theme: Aviators go to Hollywood

We will celebrate all things Hollywood: your favorite movie, your favorite movie soundtrack, your favorite actor.

Monday: "Movie Monday," dress as your favorite movie character.

Tuesday: "Back to the Future" throwback to a decade in the past...dress as you did "back in the day"... get your future clothing vibe!

Wednesday: Favorite Band/ Movie Soundtrack wear your fave concert t-shirt, and show some love for your SJH band.

Thursday: Sports movie/Jersey Day represent your favorite team with a great jersey or dress as a character from your favorite sports movie


Glow-A-Thon Fundraiser Information

Click here for the PTO Fundraiser information/instructions. This was also emailed on 9/22.

Welcome our New Front Desk Secretary!!

Please help us welcome Mrs. Proctor to the Junior High. She is our new Attendance and Front Desk Secretary. You will connect with her to communicate an upcoming known absence, when a student is sick, or if you're simply calling the office to hear a friendly voice! Use or 513-686-1762 to communicate any information about changes in your child's day.

Open House

Thanks for participating in Open House! Please CLICK HERE to provide feedback!

Connecting with School: How is my student doing in school?

We collect a lot of data and make ongoing observations on how students are adjusting to junior high, preparing for high school, and beginning the process of thinking about life after high school. Below are a couple of pieces of information that may help you and your student understand where they are:

  • Map Testing--This week students took Reading and Math MAP tests which gave them scores in comparison to our school and the state. These are general reading and math scores and can be used to predict achievement on future assessments and give us information on how to help students who are struggling and push students who are a little further along.
  • Grades--Interim grades are due next week and this is a snapshot of how they are adjusting to the workload and pace of the junior high. Are they completing assignments, working well in groups, doing their best on projects, and studying for tests? While this is only halfway through the quarter, low grades could be an indicator that support is needed.
  • Involvement--Most research studies, including this one, suggests that there is a correlation between joining a club, sports, activity or music and achievement. It also makes school more fun because students are connected with other students and more adults to make them feel a part of the community.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences--While Open House this year allowed for a casual "meet and greet" or the viewing of a video on the teacher and curriculum, Conferences gives the chance for families to work together with the teacher and student to make a plan which may allow for more academic and behavioral support. For families of students who don't have specific support needs, we are working on programming to help provide resources to extend learning, get more connected. Keep an eye on the Newsletter for more details!

Proactive Families! (We love you!!)

Please reach out if your child is having disruptive and serious conflicts with school peers. We have a team of trained counselors and support staff who can help to mediate conflict and proactively address issues. We know many issues exist through social media and other online means. While we hope that parents can work together to co-resolve these issues, we also do not want these conflicts to boil over and disrupt the school environment. Therefore please reach out and allow us to support and help guide your child. As you know, they might not listen to you as the parent, but maybe another adult (saying the exact same thing) is all of a sudden, a realization (can we say "teenagers" in unison?) Let us help! It takes a village, and we're glad to be a part of yours! Please contact your school counselor. A-G Letters H-N Letters O-Z Letters

Parent Access to Canvas LMS

At the start of next school year (2023-24), Sycamore Schools will be transitioning to a new Learning Management System called Canvas. Canvas is a widely used Learning Management System in K-12 schools and beyond. This year, staff members will begin transitioning to this new LMS. Parents will have access to a parent account in Canvas that can be linked to their student(s). To create an account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Generate a pairing code from your student’s Sycamore Canvas course (instructions).

  2. Visit the parent login page and create an account in the top right corner (this will require the pairing code from step 1.

  3. Once submitted, the parent account will be connected to the student account for current and future courses.

Please note that this school year will be a transition year, meaning the use and adoption of Canvas will be varied from teacher to teacher, with full implementation expected at the start of the 23-24 school year.

Sycamore Stadium Football Reminders

"I want to take this time to remind parents of elementary and junior high students of two important policies for Sycamore Stadium during football games to help with fan safety and security.

1) Elementary and Junior High age students should be accompanied by a parent for admission to football games whenever possible. Some local schools have made this a firm policy, so we would like to encourage this as well.

2) No outside footballs/basketballs etc..are allowed inside the stadium. These items will be taken away by our gate people when they are brought in and by any administrator who sees them as well.

We are proud of our new stadium and want to keep all attendees safe and secure and able to enjoy the game.

Mark Harden

Athletic Director

Sycamore High School

Student Video Announcements

Check out this link to view our student created video announcements. Mrs. Jarvis does a fantastic job leading these students to take ownership of their learning while also providing a service to our school community!

Get Your Ticket Today!

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Hassle Free Fundraising

Restaurant Night

The PTO is looking for an individual(s) that would like to help with our Hassle Free Fundraising. In the past, we have done restaurant nights around our community. You contact the restaurant and find a date that works. Then you advertise in the Smore and on social media. After the event, you follow up with the restaurant to have a check with the percentage agreed upon sent to the school. If you would like to learn more or have other hassle free fundraising ideas, please feel free to reach out to Kathy Mercurio at

Pipkins Receipts

Don’t forget to send in your Pipkins’s receipts! Pipkins donates a percentage of your spending to the school as long as the receipt is submitted. Just drop your receipts in the box at the main entrance; it’s as simple as that!

Kroger Community Rewards

Another easy way to donate to SJH is to change your Kroger Community Rewards over to Sycamore JH High. Use this link to enroll or change your rewards to Sycamore Junior High.

Nurse Spot

To schedule an appointment with the School Nurse: New or Refill Medication. Please call 513-686-1760 to arrange to meet with the nurse. Non-Emergency walk-in drop-offs may not be able to be accommodated.

Sycamore JH Ambassadors

Are you new to Sycamore Schools and need some help? We are here for you! Besoin d'aide? ¿Necesita ayuda? Нужна помощь? Yordam kerakmi? お手伝いします. 你需要帮助吗? 도움이 필요하세요? هل تحتاج إلى مساعدة ؟

Speak Up/Save Lives

By calling or testing the statewide hotline



you can report anything that is suspicious or endangering you, your friends or school.