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The Academic Edition

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Fun with Newtonian Physics

The First Week of Classes

The students have completed their first week of classes, and students are exploring a range of topics, concepts, and ideas. During the first two days, students completed their student objectives with their instructors and have begun to set academic goals for themselves. Students have been engaging in conversations about current world events in International Relations: Ordering a New World, investigating worms in their habitats in Zoology: Ape to Zoo, conducting experiments to understand the concept of sublimation in Chemistry : The Essential Element, studying the origins of words in Word Origins for SAT Success, lateral thinking in Pharmacology, and tackling intense math equations in Algebraic Expressions.
Tony Curtis, Site Director and Lauren Brantley, Academic Dean

Academic Highlights: The Student Persepctive

What's Your Point: We are learning about the basic and advanced techniques for debate. We have participated in small debates in class, but now we are starting to prepare for full class research debates next week.

Academic Highlights: The Student Perspective

Fun with Newtonian Physics: In this class we conduct a lot of experiments and learn from the results. We are currently studying potato circuits and the laws of Newton. Our class is interesting because we are exploring science ourselves.

Have an Academic Question?

If you have any academic questions, feel free to email our Academic Dean, Lauren Brantley at or call our office at (510)612-9542.

The Art of Film Making

Click on the icon below to view a short film trailer that the film making class produced this week. These students wrote, edited, and produced this creative horror film. Enjoy! (Make sure you are viewing this newsletter in a web browser).

Yoga in Fit for Life

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Summer Institute for the Gifted at UC Berkeley Session II

Tony Curtis-Site Director
Lauren Brantley-Academic Dean
Vince Colunga-Student Life Dean
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