My dream becomes reality

Elena Rauscher

My Dream

Since I was a little girl i have always been a Nebraska fan whether its football, soccer but most importantly volleyball. I have gone to there summer training camps and got to meet the players and the coaches for the past 4 years straight. Its always been my dream to have the opportunity to be a student athlete there. Meaning being a player and getting the chance to be a Marine Biologist and major in what i want and to play the sport that i love.


I am an adopted kid born in San Antonio raised in Dallas. I am one with a dream that will hopefully become a reality. I come from a family of 4, my dad, mom, me, and my brother. My dad also being involve with Nebraska so i have technically grown up with the passion for Nebraska. Pretty much my whole family lives in Nebraska and a lot of my relatives have attended there. Its pretty hard to not want to go to Nebraska when your surrounded by it.

My Quote

My quote is "When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breath then you will be successful." The reason i chose this quote is because it shows that laziness will get you nowhere such as not wanting to go to class or giving up on that last rep because your "tired" or skipping practice will not get me to the goal and dream that i wanna be at. Fixing my mistakes now i always think back to that quote because it helps me do the right things that i know will affect me in the future in a positive way. It helps me push myself to be the person that i was created to be and do.

G-Eazy - Everything Will Be OK (Audio) ft. Kehlani

The reason for the song

The song is important to me because it has helped me realize that even without certain people in my life i can still be the best person i can be. The song talks about how things have been hard but in the end things will be alright no matter what and to always keep looking towards your dream. That there will always be somebody who cares for me and that they given me reasons to keep myself alive when i felt like life wasn't meant for me. That there will be people there to tear you down but you have to keep your head up

My background

I was born in San Antonio adopted and raised in Dallas. My birth mom who also attended Nebraska university was 14 when she had me and my dad i don't know how old her was cause when he found out my mom was pregnant he left her so he wasn't at my birth. I have yet to meet either of them since i was addopted for other personal reasons. I am now with a family of 4 me my mom dad and my 27 year old brother. I have suffered from severe depression for the past 7 years but it was really bad during 7-9 grade. because i fell inlove with this guy that i dated over 2 years but all he did was tear me down and tell me that i won t ever reach my dreams and tell me i was worthless. Then now i have to go to court for abuse herrasment and sexual assault which the main reasons i was depressed but now i have people here for me and tell me that my life is worth living and that one day my dreams will become my reality