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Our Journalism Club under the leadership of editor in chief, Emily Ware, has been a wonderful addition to our regular communication efforts with our school community. I am so proud of the work they have done and how well they have captured our story on a weekly basis. Congrats on an outstanding year! Ms. Ojeda

Prom Pictures are now available!!

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Enter "planoacademyprom2016" in the access code.

The high resolution download images have been made complimentary for all the guests!

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Thank you , Mr. Edward!

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Graduation Update ~ Official Start Time is 3:30 pm

We've had communication regarding 2 different start times for graduation. Thank you in advance for grace in our planning for our first graduation. It's going to be an AMAZING day!

Counselor's Corner

College Boot Camp: August 2-5 9am-12pm for Rising Seniors

Rising seniors, join your counselors this summer and get a jump on your college applications.

We will go through the application process, essay writing, scholarships, interviewing, and assist you with keeping it all organized.

Spots are limited and registration is required.

Please register at: http://tinyurl.com/jf7t3bf

Questions? Contact your counselor.

Summer College Fair Event

DARN is a community of professional college and university representatives who serve students and their families in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. You can find a list of our member institutions at our website www.texasdarn.com.

Each summer DARN puts on a College Search Series in the DFW area. The College Search Series is a program for high school students (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) where we provide students with all the information they need to navigate their college search, in the form of a College 101 presentation for one hour, and then college table browsing for the second hour. Students will be able to browse both public and private, in-state and out-of-state institutions.

Below is a link that where you can register for this event:


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4th Year E-News By Emily Ware

Two more weeks. Eight more days. They’ve made it this far, and now it’s time to go. The time has come for the first graduating class of Academy High School to say goodbye and head into their futures. For some, the transition will be easy, others will face more challenges, but all the post-secondary preparation ends in a few short days. As a graduating class, the time has come for them to move on. Soon, they will leave the place they’ve grown up, the place they’ve learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s over. Excruciatingly, excitingly over. Painfully, terrifyingly over. After three years at the Academy, they are graduating. But, they know they’re ready. They know they’re prepared for whatever life hurls at them.

Over the course of this year, Fourth Year learners have done everything from making Southwest Airlines socks, to modifying RC cars with Texas Instruments in a game of real-life MarioKart. The projects of senior year have helped to prepare the Class of 2016 for what is to come, whether that be college, a gap year, or straight into a career. No matter what we do, this year and our last three years at the Academy have readied us for whatever we encounter.

Seniors are making their final preparations for Monday!

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3rd Year E-News By Mr. Young

Third Years have had a fantastic year full of triumphs and successes across a wide range of themes and topics, but all of the project work now draws to a close. The future looms large ahead of them. Their Fourth Year will challenge them. Expand them. Grow them. Prepare them even further for the challenges that life will continue to place in their path. That being said, let the summer begin. Let the applications, the standardized tests, the college visits and essays come. The Third Years are ready to live their futures and lead the Academy forward as the first true four year class of learners.

1st Year E-News By Alexander Gonzalez

What a year it has been for First Year learners! From shy, humble kids who barely knew each other, the First Years have grown and developed to become very creative people. From August to October, the First Years learned how the Academy works. At the end of iTitan, First Years were able to give a tour of the school to teachers, parents, and older students at the Academy, putting their new knowledge to the test, and creating objects in the Fab Lab such as bike racks and benches. After iTitan, Grove to Glass came along, where groups would have to make a sales pitch to Pepsico about a new juice of their creating, and market it and create a company along the way. At the beginning of the third project, teams and their Lego Mindstorm Robots faced off through a number of challenges to gather the most points to win. Picking new teams for the next project, League of Our Own, was baffling and an event in its own right; much like a draft for football, highest ranked individuals from the previous challenge got to pick based off of peer evaluation scores. From December to February, teams collaborated and made catapults in the Fab Lab. In a final matchup in Clark Stadium, teams launched their catapults, working together to gather the most points. Intense and dramatic, including the lowest ranked alliance beating the highest ranked alliance, the tournament at Clark Stadium ended well. After all the excitement, Tiny Homes occurred, in which groups created small businesses to sell scale models, gardening systems for plants, and furniture for life-size tiny homes.February through April, First Years gathered and created stands advertising their Tiny Home companies to teachers, parents, and real Tiny Home experts. After this project, the First Years began nearing the end of the school year with Lights, Camera, Action. First Years are now tasked with creating a movie trailer, based on current events and a Shakespearean play. Throughout the week, learners will wrap up editing their trailers and finishing leftover assignments. Next Wednesday, First Years will be showing off their trailers and the best teams will receive awards for their movies. Only one week of school will remain after this, and then it's summer--and the First Years will have accomplished their mission--becoming Titans.

Dear 1st Year Learners and Parents,

The "Lights! Camera! Action!" presentation night will be held at Academy High School on Wednesday, May 25. The red carpet will open at 6PM, at which time learners can take pictures with the paparazzi, then display their musical instruments to guests. At 6:30PM, we will begin the night’s events: an exhibition of each of the learner-made movie trailers for their Shakespeare adaptations, followed by an awards ceremony for the best trailers.

Learners are welcome to invite family and friends to this event. Other than staying school-appropriate, there is no official dress code for the evening. Learners are, however, invited to dress in their red carpet best to make this a truly special night to celebrate their accomplishments and the end of their freshman year!

Please contact swapna.gardner@pisd.edu if you have any questions about the evening. We look forward to seeing you there!


The First Year Facilitators

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2nd Year E-News By Mrs. Davis

When facilitators plan projects, it is with the hope that we are providing rich experiences that will not only engage students, but grow them as learners and global citizens. Over the course of the year we have asked so much of them, to stretch themselves and their ideas beyond the traditional, to internalize the growth mindset, to be flexible and self-directed. So, as this year quickly comes to a close, I can’t help but to be not only reflective, but also hopeful.

I hope that Second Years are leaving this year with a sense of grittiness, discernment, interpretation, creativity and innovation. I hope that they have learned more about their fellow classmates. I hope that they will return next year with excitement and curiosity for the projects ahead of them and the things they will produce. As Second Year learners, they have surpassed facilitator expectations by creating fanciful interactive adventures, detailed case files, grandiose submarines, immersive video games and thoughtful devices intended to save the world. The 2015-16 school year has been a rewarding one not only for me, but also for my fellow 2nd Year facilitators. If I can speak for them, one piece of advice that we can leave you with is, “learn how to fish.”
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A letter from the editor By Emily Ware

There’s a lot of things I could say about how journalism has gone this year. I could say it’s been a failure. I could say I’m not happy with where it is. I could tell you I am ashamed that the amount of effort I have put into this program and how it’s gotten nowhere. But, in all honesty, none of those things are true. When I was asked to lead the journalism club this year, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea who was going to do what and how far we would come. I had no idea how to lead a club. But I knew I wanted to. I knew where I wanted to go. I knew there were things I wanted to accomplish with this club. One of those things was E-News. Every week, my small team, which seemed to grow smaller by the day, wrote E-News for our audience of facilitators, learners, and parents. Is that our proudest accomplishment from the year? Maybe. But it’s still an accomplishment, and I’m happy with that. For those of you who actually read these little blurbs every week, thank you, for acknowledging our work. Being a part of this has been a pleasure.

Chromebooks ~ Returns and Charges for Damages

On Tuesday, May 31st, we will collect Chromebooks from our learners. Learners are expected to bring their Chromebooks and charger cords in good shape. In the event that there is damage to the computer or a lost charger, your learner should be prepared to pay the following fees:

New Device Replacement: $279.00

Reissued Device: $250.00

Broken Screen: $90.00

Keyboard: $52.00

Power Adaptor and Cord $32.00

Additional charges may be assessed by the district.

Damage fees that are not paid before summer break will result in no device issued to the learner in the 2016-2017 school until resolved. If you are in need of a payment plan, please contact Mrs. Brar at gurpreet.brar@pisd.edu

Lunch Accounts ~ Please make sure your child's balance is clear.

Ms. Jackson, our FANS manager, asks that you please check your child's lunch account to ensure that there is NOT a negative balance going into summer break. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

5/23 4th Years Wacky Racers presentation event 6-7:30 pm

5/24 2nd Year Parent Info Night @ 6:30 pm Dome (dual credit, math choice, internships)

5/25-26 2nd Year Projet Y? presentations Please ask your learner for a specific date and time

5/25 PTSA General Meeting and 1st Year presentation event Lights, Camera, Action

5/26 Learner Recognition Ceremony by invitation

5/27,30 Learner Holidays

5/31 - 6/3 Early Release @ 1:30

6/1 Senior Banquet

6/2 Stay Day with Food Trucks sponsored by PTSA

6/2 Graduation Rehearsal @ 2:30 and Senior Facilitator Picnic and Senior Sunset @ 7:00

6/3 Graduation @ 3:30 pm