By: Samuel Cavanaugh Mixsel

What is a desert?

Some people describe deserts as a hot, sandy, and dry place. You can see a desert in every continent in the world.

Natural Resources

There is not a lot of water in deserts but some plants like cactus (cacti) store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. Some plants get their water very deep in earth.


The types of animals in the desert are reptiles, insects, mammals, birds, and spiders. Most animals have to adapt to the heat or cold in desert.

Maps of where deserts can be found


Semiarid is a type of desert. The climate is dry. But there is slight rain in winter. The cooling of the night makes air dew. This dew provides water for plants and animals in the desert.

Fun Facts

Some desert areas are so hot water evaporates before it hits ground. Desert farmers try to live near water to feed their animals.

desert in mine craft

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