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Update: Oct 23, 2020

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Columbus North High School PBIS is sponsoring a Week of Belonging -- October 19-23.

Mr Clark Belonging 10 21 20
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CNHS 2020-21 Student Assembly Work-ons

Congratulations to the following students for earning a position with the 2020-21 CNHS Student Assembly! Thank you for your hard work and contributions.

Naomi Gambrel

Lauren Grider

Carly Harshbarger

Kellen Hottell

Isabelle Larken

Emma Long

Mendez Mateo

Margaret Mowrer

Alaney Parker

Juhi Patil

Siri Poludasu

Kathrine Redding

Adeline Risley

Catherine Roeder

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CNHS Student Picture Information


  • Who: All CNHS Students
  • What: Picture Days
  • When: Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14 during English classes
  • Where: Large Group Instruction (LGI) room
    • [down the 1200 hallway across from the auditorium and bus lot doors]


  • Please use this link ( or scan the QR code provided by your teacher to complete the information requested by InterState Studios.
  • Please make sure that you fill out the form with the most accurate information you can


  • During English class, students will head down with their teacher to the LGI to have their yearbook photo taken
  • When entering or leaving the LGI, students should continue to maintain social distance from one another and be sure that they are wearing their mask over their nose and mouth. Students will be sat across from a photographer and be asked to hold their mask in their lap while their photo is taken. Students may ONLY remove masks when they are seated with a photographer. Once the photo is taken, students will then be instructed to put their mask back on before leaving their seat and returning to class
  • Students should wear clothing that follows the school dress code. For information on the dress code, consult the student handbook on the North homepage. Hats, sunglasses and other items should be removed before photos are taken.
  • Students should be aware of and brush away any hair that may cover their eyes in their photo. Photos are used for identification on Powerschool and for student IDs so it is important that your eyes can be seen in the photograph. Mirrors will be set up in the LGI for students to check their appearance before having their picture taken.


What if my parents don’t want my school photo? Do I still have to have my picture taken?

  • All students will have their photo taken for the yearbook, PowerSchool and student IDs.

What if I do not have an English class on my schedule?

  • Students that do not have an English class on their schedule, but who would still like to have their picture taken for the yearbook may come down during a resource, Advisory or another period that works with their schedule.

What if I am a Bridge student and do not attend my English class?

  • Students that are online or do not come to North for their English class may enter during Advisory (9:19-9:49) to have their photo taken or at a time that they feel comfortable entering the building.

What if my English class is during the time when I am taking the PSAT?

  • Students that are taking the PSAT on the morning of Oct. 14 may have their picture taken during their lunch period.

What if I am sick or am unable to attend picture day because I am isolating myself?

  • Students that are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 should remain at home. Retake picture days will be scheduled and communicated to students at a later time.

Fall Break Free Meals Information

The following sites will be feeding FREE MEALS to children 18 years of age and under during BCSC fall break. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Adult meals may be purchases $3.60 for lunch; $1.95 for breakfast.





Breakfast and lunch will be distributed together curbside

11:30am-1:00pm daily

Drive to left side of building, pull up to door #4


Breakfast and lunch will be distributed together curbside

11:30am-1:00 pm daily

Drive into car rider line by door #20

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CNHS 2020 Homecoming Court

Hype up for Homecoming 2020

Homecoming 2020 - Traffic restrictions on campus - Friday Sept 25, 2020

CNHS Parents and Staff

As part of Homecoming 2020 we are having an on campus parade during the afternoon of Friday September 25, 2020. This will require the parking lots and drives near the building to be closed for vehicle traffic.

  • We will begin closing lots at 1:41 PM

  • We believe the campus will be open for vehicles about 2:45 PM to 2:50 PM

  • C4 scheduled pick up will occur in the south drive at normal times

  • BCSC Special Education Bus transfers will happen in the West bus lot.

Thank you for your understanding!

CNHS Administration

Important Notice for CNHS Bridge Students and Parents

CNHS Bridge Students & Parents: Please respond to a survey from Mr. Clark by the next Wednesday September 23rd. The email with the survey link was sent to your student's BCSC email account.
Return from Bridge David Clark
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United Way - matching campaign

Did you know if your employer participates in a United Way campaign with elective directed giving, you can write in Columbus North Bulldog Booster Club as your designated charitable organization! The Bulldog Booster Club supports Columbus North Athletes by getting our athletes in the game and keeping them equipped for the season. Help Save OUR Season and support Columbus North Athletics today! Information you’ll need:

  • Name: Columbus North Bulldog Booster Club
  • Attention: Athletic Office
  • Address: 1400 25th Street
  • City: Columbus
  • State: Indiana
  • Zip Code: 47201
  • Tax Exempt EIN Number: 31-1202452

CNHS 2020 Class Officer Election Results

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2020 CNHS Homecoming Court

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Updated BCSC Calendar - as of Sept 4, 2020

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CNHS A-B Day Calendar

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CNHS Class Officer Nominating Convention 2020

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News Show September 4, 2020
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Notice to Parents......transition a student between Bridge and In-Person Programs

Parents: To transition a student between Bridge and In-Person Programs at North, a parent must contact the student’s counselor. The transition may take a few days to complete. Counselors are listed below.

Counselor: Students last name:

Sandy Freshour A thru Fo

MJ Shireman Fr thru Ll

Seth Ragsdale Lo thru Rog

Emily Tucker Roh thru Z

Pat Pemberton Special needs

Updated David Clark Open house video 2020
Open House Meet the Counseling Center

Learn more about the CNHS Counseling Center!

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Bridge Student - BCSC Breakfast and Lunch Service


Starting August 17, 2020

School breakfast & lunch may be ordered for your student (s) by calling the school cafeteria. Please place your order by 9:00 a.m. daily. If your student is a paid or reduced meal eligible student the prices charged to your student’s account are listed below:

Secondary breakfast $1.45; Secondary lunch $2.90; reduced lunch $0.40; reduced breakfast $0.30

Meals may be picked up curbside between 11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. daily at the school cafeteria door. Meals are only available to students enrolled in BCSC schools.

For more information on meal prices, creating a account, or daily menu choices, please visit the BCSC Food Service webpage at or contact your school cafeteria.




Summer is passing much too quickly, yet we are looking forward to your return. Given the way our school year ended last spring, it feels to me as if getting together again in our school community will be a GREAT thing. Knowing that much about opening up school will depend upon governmental regulations we have tentative plans to start on time. We do, however, reserve the right to adjust as we feel best for our students, staff, and community. For the most current information, please check our website.

That said, we recognize that our school is the sum of its parts…staff, students, family, and community. We feel our “parts” are the best of the best and are thrilled that you have chosen to allow us to be a piece of your educational successes. In choosing to attend CNHS, we know that your priorities are centered around challenging yourself academically, athletically, and in extracurricular activities.

As a student at Columbus North you are in great company! You will be surrounded by students just like you, students who want to make a positive difference in the world. Prepare now to take advantage of this opportunity by getting involved in one of the many activities/clubs at CNHS.

Note: this fall we will be transitioning to a Block 8 schedule. That has not changed.

Right now the first day of school is Monday , August 10th. We will begin at 7:45 a.m. sharp, by meeting in your first period class to get updated schedules, fill out emergency cards, and take care of other “beginning of the year” business.

Our teachers have spent time this summer being updated in the latest instructional methodologies and look forward to helping you prepare for your future. I am confident that working together we will find a way to make your educational experience as a Bull Dog a rewarding one.

The “Bull Dog Way,” assists each to be Respectful, to be Responsible, and to build appropriate educational Relationships. It’s an exciting time to be a Bull Dog! On behalf of the Columbus North administration and faculty, I welcome you to a new school year.


David D. Clark, Principal Columbus North High School


LAPTOPS: Returning students should bring their laptop. New students & freshmen laptops will be issued after school starts. Freshmen should bring their current Chromebook to class.

BOOKS: Books will be distributed through individual classes. Book and fee bills are mailed home in September. Once a book is issued, book return is the responsibility of the student.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Each student will need to complete emergency information cards, including parent/guardian work telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, family physician and special health concerns or treatments, name and number of emergency contact other than parent/guardian.


LUNCH/TEXTBOOK ASSISTANCE: Applications for free/reduced meals must be completed to qualify for assistance with books. Many fees, however, are not covered. Applications are available in school offices and will be distributed to students on the first day of school.

STUDENT DRESS: Please remember modesty when shopping for school clothes. Clothing that some may consider fashionable may be inappropriate in a public school setting. Students can find more specific information in the CNHS student handbook online. Our dress code focuses on preparing our students to be successful in their future professional endeavors. This also supports common decency and maintains appropriate safety and health codes. If you have any questions, call the Deans Office (812-376-4251)

LUNCH: Lunch assignments are made by teacher name for period 3 on your schedule. To find your lunch assignment, please locate the schedules posted throughout the building on the first day of school. All freshmen are assigned to the school cafeteria for lunch and must eat lunch on campus. The upperclassmen may have an open lunch as long as behavior in the community is appropriate.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Most classes require students to have paper and pencils or pens. Other school supplies, however, may be required in individual classes and vary based on classes selected by students. If you need assistance with school supplies, please contact your guidance counselor, dean, or principal.


Advisory: Advisory has two components that will run on alternating days, one day committed to social emotional learning (SEL Days), and the second Student Enrichment Time (SET Days). Advisory periods are thirty minutes long and occur each day.

SET advisory days will be spent attending to needs and experiences for students that enhance the school and learning experience. Examples might include class meetings, tutorial opportunities, mandated surveys, club connections or counseling functions that do not fit naturally into academic classroom time.

SEL advisory days are an intentional time for students to develop positive relationships, practice social and emotional skills, and acquire developmental assets. Social emotional learning has a positive impact on student achievement, as well as employability and mental well-being.

As noted in the IDOE research, students who participated in SEL programs also demonstrated the following attributes: increased academic achievement; increased development of social and emotional skills; improved attitude toward self and others; improved positive social behaviors and decreased conduct problems and emotional distress.

BCSC follows the IDOE Social Emotional Learning Competencies and uses the Search Institute research and practices around Developmental Assets and Developmental Relationships to guide programming.

Block 8 Info

All BCSC High School locations will have a new block Schedule starting the 2020-21 School year. A block schedule is a departure from the 45-minute 8-periods-per-day high school schedule to classes that meet for longer periods of time fewer days a week. Students on a block schedule at BCSC will still enroll in the same number of courses each semester, but those courses will meet every other day. Students will attend four 85-minute classes each day on a two-day rotation with a student resource time and student advisory period built into these alternating days.

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