Shane and the crash car

Eggs you better were a seat bellt

Question ???

Can I make my car go fast without breaking a plastic egg

Hypothesis: I think weight will make my car go fast

background knowledge

Speed: how fast an object is going Force: mass times acceleration Inertia: when an object keeps going in motion Acceleration: speed up slow down stop Friction: an object slowing down on a surface Momentum: a number of motion of a moving object Potential Energy when an object is at rest Kinetic Energy when an object is in motion


First I got a pinewood derby car (had wheels on it already) cut it so that it weighs 40grams and width was 6cm and length was 16cm (but made it 12cm long). Than put cloth in side and glued it. Got two rubber bands and them on the length way and width way, and thats my car



In conclusion my hypothesis is right