Oran Camet

Who am I?

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All about me

I am a nice person.

I wonder if I'm going to become a pro baseball player

I have two sisters their name is Hannah and Heidi.

I love the number 7.

I am blond.

I love to play baseball.

I pretend that I'm a pro baseball player.

I feel pain when I get hurt.

I love to go hunting
I want to become a pro baseball player.

I hope I don't die at a young age .
I try to do my best in everything .
I love playing wall ball lacrosse .
I cry when I'm hurt.
I am Oran Camet.

6 word Memoir! (What I Beleivie)

I CAN'T is not an option!

Some of My Favorites!


I'm a baseball player.
With 10 years experience.
I love playing baseball.
I'm a funny person.
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A Story That Touches My Heart

This is my Mommit " Grandma". One day Mommit was in a coma and dying the doctors said to tell the family that she only had a couple of days. A family member was praying over her at her bed side and started praying in tongues. My Mommit woke form a coma and started to pray in tongues as well. She had never prayed in tongues before. Tongues is a language the devil can not understand. So basically the spirit is talking to God directly. The doctors could not understand how she was still alive and getting stronger. Her body wasn't producing blood, her heart was mush, she had a very wake pulse, and she had pneumonia so she didn't have much oxygen. The doctor told my mom that she is a miracle because her body was not producing blood or oxygen. She lived for 3 months that way.When she woke from a coma she told my mom, "There are angle all around us and there are some in this room right know."
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My favorite Book- Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz

Yanek is a Jew.
Germans took him away.
Yanek was treated badly.
Yanek was freed eventually.
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