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The best inflatable SUP boards & 2 Person Kayak Fishing

In less than ten years, this sport has invaded from the beaches anywhere with watercourse as rivers. Paddle surf races are held in lakes, Fishing Kayak big rivers and canals; rowing athletes and surf the rapids of the river riding the waves that the watercourse itself generates; generally large distances along the seashore, often with tailwinds to facilitate movement covered. Sometimes, it standup paddleboarding it is also known as "paddleboarding". Paddlers use a variety of suits and other garments, according to the water and air temperature and that most of the time is spent standing at the table.

However, as we were testing the material offered by the leading brands such thoughts were slowly changing. While it is going slowly modifying the construction of these tables becoming more rigid material and at the same time offering greater protection to UV radiation from sunlight. This change of materials brought a greater variety of boards that were designed for a performance more or wave race.

Traditional surf boards have become more laminated layers of foam cores. The SUP boards are willing to travel with them large tables, and that has led to the development of a system of inflatable table with a pump that can be carried in a backpack. The core material is called "drop point" or "drop stitch". Thousands of nylon sutures remain closed the table with a specific thickness.