Digital Coaches' Corner

Issue 6 11/2/15

Featured Classrooms

Mr. Bechtold, Mrs. Hatfill, Mrs. Isakson, Mrs. Lamer, and Mr. Robertson's Students participate in Mystery Hangouts

Students are diving in and learning geography and so much more during these hangouts. One of the focus standards they are working on is their speaking and listening skills.

The students were able to work with other students throughout our district, students in Michigan, and students in Texas.

Mrs. Hatfill's geography class had the privilege of working with a very bubbly teacher from Texas. All the students involved had a blast trying to figure out where the other class was located. One interesting part of this hangout was that both schools were celebrating Red Ribbon week. A few students in the class even took a selfie with the other class.

Mr. Roberton's class got to work with students in Michigan. They even learned about travel to Canada via a bridge. Mr. Roberton's class did a great job learning from their mistakes. That is the best kind of learning. They can't wait to participate in another hangout to test their new skills.

Mr. Bechtold, Mrs. Lamer and Mrs. Isakson students practiced their skills and are ready for a real hangout soon. Mrs. Lamer has a hangout scheduled this week. Her students can't wait to figure out the location of their Mystery hangout.

Mrs. Ruth Miller's Kindergarten class

Mrs. Ruth Miller's Kindergarten connected with a Pre-School Class in California to collaborate on a Flat Stanley Aurasma project. Students read the story Flat Stanley about a boy who was flattened. Flat Stanley has been mailed to other places in previous years. This year, students then created a Flat Stanley of their own to share with the Pre-K class in California. However, instead of mailing our Flat Stanley's, students created videos about landmarks/tourist attractions that they had been to in our area and linked their videos to their Flat Stanley pictures. We then traded pictures with our new friends in California to learn about their local landmarks/tourist attractions. By using the Aurasma app on their ipads, students could watch each others video segments. Check out one of our own Flat Stanley Auras (you will have to download the free Aurasma app first in order to make it work). Use the Aurasma app on your device to view the video by placing it over the picture below.
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