Your Memory Mansion!

By Alyssa Mihailoff and Avery Dahlberg

What is the Memory Palace?

The “memory palace” is a mnemonic device created and used in ancient Greek and Rome. This method is also called “loci” which is latin for “places”. The method of loci is a way to remember things using visualization to organize and recall information. The way loci is used is to visualize an unforgettable thought or action relating to the thing that is to be remembered.
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Why Choose Memory Palace For A Project?

We chose this topic because it caught our attention and memory is a cool thing, so why not learn about the memory palace! It can help a lot of people because you create your own memory palace by using pictures or places to remember certain things. Reaching memory palace will help because that's where all things related to memory are stored and where your brain goes when you need or want to remember things.

Memory Palace and Your Brain

Studies have shown that people who use the loci method are activating the regions of the brain involved in spacial awareness. These parts of the brain are, the medial parietal cortex, retrosplenial cortex, and the right posterior hippocampus. In 1977 Bandura formed the Social Learning Theory. He states that learning is not purely behavioral, that is is a cognitive process in a social context
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The Expirement!

In 1968 college students conducted a study involving the memory palace. They gave a random person a list of 40 items and told them to memorize it and shortly after were told to read off what was on the list and as suspected most were unsuccessful. The second time they asked the person to do the same thing but this time they had to associate that item with a certain location on their campus. When they were told to say what was on the list after memorizing it, most were able to list 38 out of 40 of the items. The researcher behind this was Dr.Cavallini.


The method of loci was used by ancient greek and roman poets, actors, and public speakers. It is commonly used by contestants in the USA memory championship. The powerful mnemonic properties were discovered by the Greek poet Simonides. According to a story that was passed on by his peers, the discovery occurred when Simonides attended a banquet to present a poem in praise of the host. He was called outside soon after his presentation. When he returned, the patrons of the banqueting hall had collapsed dead, and were mangles to the point where they couldn't recognized. Simonides was able to recall who was sitting around the dining table by consulting his visual memory image. “[Simonides] inferred that persons desiring to train this faculty [of memory] must select places and form mental images of the things they wish to.
Constructing a Memory Palace - Epic Science #27