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Haití earthquake

The most important earthquake in the world was in Haití. It happened on the 12 January 2010. It was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake which was 13 km depth.
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This earthquake caused 100,000 to 316,000 deaths and about 1,500,000 affected people.


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The Indian Ocean tsunami

The Indian Ocean tsunami was one of the most important tsunamis of the world. It was caused by an undersea earthquake which happended on the 26 December 2004.

With a magnitude of Mw 9,1 the earthquake had the longest duration ever observed and originated a series of tsunamis which killed around 240,000 deaths.

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These tsunamis affected around 14 countries in where more than 280,000 people dessapered.


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Pakistan Flooding

The floods in Pakistan were one of the most important flood in the last ten years.

These floods began in July 2010 due to the heavy rains.

The property they damaged was estimated at $43 billion.

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The Pakistan floods killed over 1,400 people and affected around 14 million people


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Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive hurricanes in the world with a total damage estimated at $180 billion.

The Katrina, originaded on the 23 August 2005 , had winds of 280 km/h during a minute.

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This hurricane caused 1833 deaths.


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Drought in Australia

One of the important droughts that are currently happening in the wold is the drought in Australia, where they are having the lowest record of rainfall in the history of the country.
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volcanic eruption

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The volcanic eruption which affected Pompeii is the most known volcanic eruption in the world.

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius started on the 24 August 79 and killed around 5,000 people.

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Some of the dead people had been found buried by the volcanic materials.